Saturday, September 5, 2009


Orange is hands-down my favorite color, and probably my most-worn color as well. Strange that its complement has never been! The nineties and early 2000's were beset with washed out, grayed and powdered blues that always looked bad on me. Since discovering the land of teal and honey, I can't resist the way that certain blues and greens evoke Greece, or better yet... Florida.

Dress: thrifted. Shoes: nine west. Jacket: thrifted.

There's also no funner way to evoke Floridian-ness than by donning a dip-dye muumuu that gets some shape from super-high heels and a cropped denim jacket. Swish! Hide!

Photo by nica*

Photo by romadden84.

Now I'm feeling inspired to paint my office/aka blog-den some bright, retro-beachy color so I can hang onto that summer feeling come fall.



P.S.-- Speaking of something blue, have you checked out Tulle Box yet?


Eyeliah said...

Washedout colors do not so great on me either, makes me look washed out! Will check out that site now. ;-)

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Great pictures!