Monday, September 21, 2009


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This weekend was a much-needed dose of "aw, hell yes". Ten of us went to the rural-est town in creation and shacked up in a cabin. We found a Jenga set, and wrote "truths" or "dares" on the blocks, to be completed upon pulling. Lots of oil-eating and mooning ensued. The cookin'-est one of us made hot apple-rum cider, which we took on a midnight hike through the woods to visit an 18th century cemetery. We stayed up til 5 making music, playing pranks and watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We ate at the most amazing diner, visited The Serpent Mound, and (some of us) got haircuts. I stopped by afterward to visit with the family for dinner and dog-wrangling. Then, my sweets introduced me to The Easy Star All-Stars on our drive back home, and I literally got chills from their rendition of "Paranoid Android", which you'll love even if you don't much care for reggae:




Sal said...

Sounds like a rollicking good time, kitten! And that is a truly amazing cover. You must have some damn good radio out there ... how do you guys find all this amazing music?

Elissa said...

Ha! There actually are a couple of good stations, but most of my new music listenings either come from Pandora, music blogs or my sweets: a veritable Library of Congress when it comes to music.