Monday, September 28, 2009

All you gotta do is Mask.

Prepare to freak out, because I am. On a random stroll through Etsy-land, I found these sexy, delicate and bizarre leather masks by Tom Banwell.

First up, this black bird mask. I wish I lived a more macabre reality, so I could whip this one out on my moonlight strolls to the abandoned insane asylum.

So incredibly beautiful, whether you'd like to go as a tree for Halloween, or King Midas. Bonus? I think this Maple Leaf Mask could make a very lovely fascinator if tilted up a bit.

Hearts can be so corny, can't they? But I'm attracted to the idea of going as a rather racy Queen of Hearts in the Cut-Out Hearts Mask. Or, you know what? People of Columbus, I'm grabbing this mask and throwing one hell of a Valentine's party. You've been warned. And Invited.

But my ultimate favorite is this Unicorn Mask. Not only does it match the Unicorn Heels I'm wearing for my Halloween wedding, but it also negates the need to change out of the dress-- I mean, when will I ever get to wear it again?

Get a load of those eyelashes! Ooh lala!




Sal said...

You know, masks wig me out ... but that bird mask is SO GORGEOUS, I might have to make an exception. Not to buy and wear, you understand ... but to view and enjoy.

Eyeliah said...

a masked wedding would be amazing!

Elissa said...

Sal: I used to have a friend that decorated all of her lamps by hanging masks on them!

Eyeliah: I want to know more about yours!!

Missa said...

These are so cool! I love the bird one and the unicorn one (you should totally get married in it!). Oh just think, instead of lifting the veil to kiss the bride, your honey could grab you by the horn and demask you for the big kiss!