Thursday, May 28, 2009

On Me Today

Now that I'm into Week 3 of P90X, I'm definitely feeling better about myself in relation to clothing. I was getting to a point where I was feeling a bit grim about my options. Much as I'd like to be the type to love my body no matter what its size or condition, for me, my level of fitness is a strict barometer of my mood.

So, I think I'll let this experience be a life lesson for me; that staying active (and I mean very... I want to give myself every opportunity to be able to rise to the occasion) is a necessary. I've been a bit too extreme about fitness in the past (would you like to see a sorry picture of myself as a size 2?), and I think that I needed to go in the complete opposite direction in order to understand what a happy medium might be like.

Click to enlarge!
Racerback Tank: Target. Cargo Shorts: Walmart. Shoes: Nine West. Lariat: Estate Auction.

It's been awhile since I've felt as good as I do today in the above ensemble. My sweets got me the lariat (in the picture on the left) at an auction; it's in the shape of the state of Ohio and made of flint.

...Also loving this new lavender nail polish, although someone told me, after polishing off a tall, cool glass of Haterade, that it makes me look sick.

I think it looks like cotton candy, and that's something I'll gladly get sick off of any day.



Sal said...

I hear ya. I strive to love myself at all times, but I ALWAYS feel better when I feel fitter. Have you done P90X before? Sounds hardcore!

emily said...

well, i think the nail polish looks lovely. :)

Spandexpony said...

Sal: I was wondering how you would "weigh in" (haha... ugh) on this post! I've never done P90X before... but you do have to be a certain level of fitness to begin it because it is SUPER hardcore. But, the good thing is it leaves no doubt in your mind that it's working!

Emily: Thank you m'dear!!

NewYorkChique said...

Haha the comment that your friend made about the polish made me laugh- I guess if you squinted your eyes or looked from very far away it would look like you were sickly, but from a normal distance I think it looks great! I like pale colors for summer.

Anonymous said...

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Jaz said...

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