Thursday, May 21, 2009

Currently in love with...

I stumbled upon the online shop Nasty Gal, after checking out a pair of now-sold-out oxfords featured on NotCouture. I now quake in my boots to tell anyone about it, because I need to get the following--- and, like many other items on their site, may very soon sell out...

France Romance Shades in Gold Woodgrain, $40

I've been obsessed with finding wood-framed glasses, ever since I saw a pair of delicately squared, yet quaintly thick-framed ones on a picture of a woman in National Geographic.

Vintage Leaf Ear Cuff, $18

I remember getting one of these at the mall in third grade or so, and trying to fool my dad into thinking I got my ear pierced. His hellfire and damnation was for really real--- probably why I only have my two, perfectly conventional pierced ears to this day. But I loved that piece of jewelry, and there's no damn reason why I shouldn't haven't again, now. I'm a woman of the nineties!

Interlud Silk Knot Dress, $139

I'm a total sucker for anything blush, and the origami-like knots are just too gorgeous....

Lip and Eyes Ring Set, $52

Freakishly weird (check out those eyelashes) yet somehow quite beautiful... I can kind of see myself whipping this one out to wear to a gallery opening in my sixties.

Leonard Paris Platinum Stud Glasses, $100

Nevermind that I think that ivory is the perfect color for summer shades, these are frickin glamourous and punky altogether... I mean, they have tiny gold pyramid studs on them for cryin' out loud! Le sigh!

Jeffrey Campbell Michelle Ruffle Pumps, $108

And, because I love to save the best for last, these 8th wonders of the world. Dig that unicorn horn-like heel, and the ruffles are seashell-ish and over-the-top Hollywood times. I've been thinking about these all day. They're mine, I say, they're mine!

Skip on over. No, they're not paying me. It's just that good.


Sal said...

My eyes went right to those ruffle pumps, too - GLORIOUS!

riennahera said...

I fell in love with these shoes. I WANT, I WANT!

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh, I ordered these in the nude color, and by the time I realized I had ordered the wrong size, they were completely sold out. I'm so jealous! They're really fabulous.

Spandexpony said...

Lindsay: Sold out ALREADY??? No!! ;)