Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The results are in!

Unable to decide between much shorter, and maintaining, I went asymmetrical.

She and I discussed my Ginger Aspirations... we'll see. I so strongly feel like a "blonde" now that toying with my hair color isn't as appealing as it was as a teenager. But maybe I could be a strawberry blonde like my earliest fashion heroine, Nancy Drew... ?

Well, off to pack, folks! It's so much easier when you love what you're packing things into. This vintage suitcase is part of a matching pair and has a fluorescent pink/orange lining. I actually gasped when I saw the two together, out in the open yet neglected at a vintage shop and for only $40 for the set!

Travel really hit the apex of its chic in the Sixties, eh?


PS-- I'll be in Denver until September, doing secret (positive!) things at the Democratic National Convention. I'll try to find a computer to leave a couple of updates, but if not... I wish you all well and see you next week-ish!

On-demand hair advice

One other thing I need before I go to Denver is some hair-sprucing. The week when everyone starts telling me my hair looks great is always the week before I seriously need a haircut. That week is this one, and much to my amazement, I was able to book a hair appointment justthissecond, for an hour from now. I'm feelin' some change (unintentional Obama tie-in), so before I hop off for a snip, I'll leave you with a few of my hastily researched options.

Not too incredibly different from what I have now, aside from the color, although I've always wanted to be a hot ginge. Might take me in a punkier direction, which I never mind.

I love love love this and the one below it. The longer top keeps it feminine, and slightly flappery when it's not styled so Paul Mitchell-y. The only problem is that I do have very thick hair, and this cut can grow out strangely on me. We'll see.

So, so feminine, which to me is definitely important in a short cut. The only downside to supershort hair like this, is it's difficult to not look incredibly butch when you're at the gym, especially if it's a day you're in glasses, and a t-shirt with the sides slashed down ultra-low (my typical gym uniform. Freedom of movement, damn it!)

Um, yeah... cute... I kinda do hate that "Alfalfa" touch at the top there, though. Does anyone know of a site that has hair inspirations that are a little less Glamour Shots? I looked through a few Flickr groups and came up empty, and Mad Rad Hair had long been a lost cause...

I actually did have my hair like this at one point; it was very dark brown at the time and one of my all-time favorite looks. My style at the time though was a little more rocker boy-ish, and suiting. Not so much at present.

... and just for the lols... I was honestly shocked to find this on a website touting cutting-edge styles. Maybe they meant "Cutting Edge", as in figure skating?

Well, I'm off for now--- if any of you out there have some amazing hair inspirations to share, my self of 8 weeks from now would love to hear them!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let's get political!

Tomorrow begins one of my busier weeks: exams, working a bunch more than usual and finding someone to watch my Catling because Friday I'm going to Denver for the Democratic National Convention! I'm so pumped!

It's going to be crazy in Denver though; when we tried to book a hotel 3 weeks ago, they were all taken so we ended up renting a house!

Here's what I hope to be sporting:

Every time I see the "Emo for Obama" pin I die laughing!

If you are into this country not imploding on itself in a squirming, steaming pile of gluttony, consumerism, oil-lust and plutocracy (redundancy be damned!), you're probably into Obama. You could be into Nader, too, but that's like wishing for a unicorn to save us all! The pins I found at Democratic Stuff are not only one red dollar apiece, but frickin' hilarious, and represent pretty much any and all interests (their roster is growing daily!).

The Toms Shoes are just the ticket, and will not leave my feet, save for floral doc breaks, throughout the fall. I just have to convince myself to pay for the expedited shipping... ugh!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Wanted: Pudding, not meat.

I've been feeling very Pink Floyd about education lately. Choosing courses is like looking at a delicious smorgasbord and being told you can only eat foods that end in "-ato". There are so many things in this world I'd love to learn more about, and I thought that college would be the place to learn them: history, literature, creative writing, theater, music...

"Atriuum" via Wardrobe Remix. Zany, looks like she took a paintbrush to her dress, and I love that a structured jacket is paired with the super wrinkly frock and impetuous scarf. that I'm six months away from ending my program with zero wiggle room for courses other than what I have to take (Dullardism 101 and the like) I'm beginning to resent not knowing much more about what I would really like to learn. I suppose that could be my fault, but really, without majoring in history or literature or creative writing, you're really not going to be able to take classes other than the most basic ones that make up your core.

Andre 3000, one of my all-time favorite dressers, whose style I classify as "Spiffunk".

I feel like most of my classes are like asking a weightlifter to stand in for a gymnast at the Olympics. Sure, he's strong, but he's not designed for that kind of activity. Nor is my mind -- and many other minds-- designed for memorizing endless lists of things I don't need and will forget anyway. I feel as though I being trained to be bourgeois. To know enough to get a job, but to be educated in a manner so hostile to intellectualism or even joy of learning so as to be of no threat to the status quo. To just be grateful you got through it and take your mid-wage earning job and all the minor, white bread pains-in-the-ass of being middle class and just be happy with it.

via the Sartorialist. Red and shiny, head to toe? This dude is making it happen.

So now what? Pay yet more for additional classes in things I'd like to learn more about? Read every book ever published? Do yoga in the desert? Sit under a tree for 40 days? I've been considering going to grad school, but wouldn't it just be more of the same? A monkey machine of lists to choke down, a bad hangover, and the same job you had before?

"Vitamininmotion" via Wardrobe Remix models dissonance, pulled together.

For your consideration, today's photos are of people whose style rejects what is proscribed by fashion squares and comes out on top.

"Stine" via Wardrobe Remix. I can't explain it, but I love this outfit for being completely teenaged in the most darling way possible.

via Facehunter. Sure I'll peg my pants, wear women's loafers, a child's sweatshirt and frost my hair. And look awesome. It's because of my ankles. They're sexy ankles.

The lovely and talented .Yokoo appears in the blog once more, modeling another one of her scarves. I love her tomboyish style with a hint of seemingly perfunctory femininity, the "art hair" that manages to be unpretentious and those glasses (!).

A couple of other opinions. Tropic Thunder had moments where I definitely laughed harder than I have at a movie in a long time, but the depictions of "Stupid Jack" and some of the Vietnamese really were squirm-inducing. Painfully so. Also, while the American team is technically very good, cain't nobody strike a pose like that Jiang Yuyuan.

[images:, Facehunter, the Sartorialist,]

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Odds and ends

Lately, I think because I've been thinking mostly of the store when I thrift, I've been picking up things that look like others will enjoy them. I've been feeling a little burnt out on the thrift and the last couple of times I've gone, have done so with a bit of reluctance. Which, to someone who derives much of their pleasure from thrifting is deeply disturbing.

Determined to re-instate my love of the thrift, I went on a weekday and forbade myself from buying anything that was filtered through the "yeah, but would someone else pay for this?" lens.

I ended up with some gloriously comfortable, 1940s style pumps with a mini Cuban heel, some blousy culottes whose art nouveau-ish pattern you see in the foreground, a 1950s bracelet, a tartan bangle (which is as far as I will take the whole "Vivienne Westwood Again" fall trend) and possibly the sweetest album cover I've ever seen (and which reminds me of a certain Paraphernalia necklace that's been on my wishlist for ages). I can't decide whether to frame it, or turn it into a photo album cover. I also ended up with an early 1980's reversible green/white whale print on navy slicker, a pair of purple leopard zooba pants, and yet another Madras skirt...

Coolest thing at the thrift store that I didn't buy?

A gold spray-painted boombox, at home in the thrift's "cool stuff" vignette with the lava lamp. Kinda regretting this now, but alas, I have no space and no tapes.

What would you do with a functionless, gold boombox?


Do ya read meh?

I just got done with Nevermore, a graphic novel interpretation of several Edgar Allan Poe stories, my favorite being the re-imagining of "The Tell-Tale Heart", starring a peculiarly paranoid blind girl.

It's a good summer-reading alternative to all those books about overweight girls finally finding love or a fashion journalist's drunken sexcapades. I especially recommend it to girls who spend their summers feeling not quite right.

Cardigan: thrifted. Necklace: thrifted. Dress: American Apparel. Flats: Etienne Aigner.

"It won't....stop... beating!"

P.S.--- some more creepy/pretty illustrations.



Monday, August 11, 2008

As Seen On...

Today we have a lovely lady who stopped into the boutique where I am gainfully employed...

I loved how she combined dressing one's age (though truthfully, I would definitely wear this!) and playfulness. I loved all the different colors she had on -- peacock blue flats with studs, turquoise beads, raspberry glasses frames -- and her pairing of leopard and navy, one of my favorite combos.

She's killing me with this bag!

Vest: thrifted. Dress: Macy's. Boots: Doc Martens. Bag: vintage Dooney and Bourke, thrifted.

Also, before you, the very first way in which I actually wore my Docs, out to the mall where I haven't been since I stopped working at A Large Department Store in March.

Wanna hear something crazy? When I worked at this Department Store, they somehow found out about my blog and pointed me to the employee manual where it is expressly forbidden to blog about the Department Store (never have, and may never do it in the future, because you never know what bridges you might be building or burning online).

Some time ago, I did a post about whether I wasn't being enough self-revealing here. My brother said the blog would be a juicier read if I did. But, I am extremely aware that we live in a time when information can be gleaned and used for any (on or offline) purpose, and I am also someone who does not strive for internet superstardom like Tila Tequila or this one chick who was profiled in Wired magazine this month that is famous for posting salacious rumor stories about herself on Gawker.

After some soul-searching (I can be very impressionable, ask anyone who's seen a movie with me), I've decided that juice is not my game. Sharing inspirations, photos, dreams, memories and fashion aspirations and getting feedback is so utterly awarding on its own. Thanks so much to everyone who posted their wonderful comments on my previous post!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

... so now what?

It may sound funny, but the thing I like best about my new Docs is that if I have a daughter someday, I would love for her to have them around age 14. If I don't have a daughter, they would make handsome planters when I'm done wearing them.

I always wished that my mom had saved some special things from her youth, but she was a habitual closet cleaner-outter. The only thing she saved is now in my closet: a sheer, evergreen disco dress with a floral pattern "growing" up from the handkerchief hem. Unfortunately, I wore it to a funeral last year, and the association hasn't quite left it, so I haven't worn it since.

But onto cheerier things! A few of the looks I tested with my most favorite new acquisition:

Sweater: thrifted. Tank: UO. Cutoffs: made from American Rag Jeans. Boots: Doc Martens.

My first thought was to pull out my "Cobain" cardigan and pair it with cutoffs. It's not so bad, but I kind of expected to confront the mirror with long dark legs and like, black plaited hair and Tyson Beckford eyes. It's been so long since I've worn chunkier shoes that it feels a bit awkward to wear them with something as bare as these shorts.

Shirt: thrifted. Cutoffs: made from American Rag Jeans. Boots: Doc Martens.

A bit of pattern mixing. I fondly refer to this shirt as my "Dykon" shirt. Rainbow, plaid, what's not to love?

T-shirt: thrifted. Dress: thrifted. Boots: You guessed it!

I dunno... I feel like I look like I'm going to bed. I'm not ready to be this grunge. Not again! I love the dress, though, which is actually a burned-out velvet Victoria's Secret number and the shirt is kinda of that gross, old black, but it says, "BUSTED... by the Nasty Boys" on it, so I really couldn't say no. Best 45cents I ever spent.

Shirt: thrifted, altered by y'girl. Jeans: UO. Boots: Docs.

Ah-ha! I think I've found their true calling: skinny jeans. This shirt was one of my very faves last year... it used to be a Lane Bryant turtleneck that I cut off. So fresh with this necklace.

Sweater: thrifted. Shirt: thrifted. Jeans: UO. Boots: Docs.

I thrifted this sweater in Watertown, NY on my way up to visit a friend in Ontario. It's the best, wooly Land's End sweater with a tee-pee print on it. I think I've found my casual winter look.

At work today, a very elderly lady came in and told me about what fun she had in the Sixties wearing opaque tights and short skirts. "They were very expensive," she said, "but I loved them, and I love remembering myself in them." I told her about how the flowered boots I loved seemed appropriate only with skinny jeans and she said, "If you love those boots, you'll wear those skinny jeans!" Hehe! Too right.

What article of clothing do you have that you know you'll love remembering yourself in at age 80?


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

They came!

I haven't been this excited about an article of dress since I sprung for a black patent leather backpack purse in 5th grade, complete with a keychain of a dried rose encased in acrylic.

I've wanted some variation of these since 7th grade. I figured, with these, an oversized fairisle sweater, miniskirt and hair dyed red and shaved underneath, I would be an unstoppable fashion tour de force.

I got neither sweater, nor skirt, nor these... but did dye my hair red and shave it underneath with my friend's help. And a Bic razor.

... which was painful.

Hehe!! I'm getting exciiiiiteeedddd!

:::pant,pant::: I had them on my Zappos wishlist since February, and in a way, when something's on my wishlist, I don't feel like I have to buy it, because it's there for me to look at and admire whenever I want. But just last week, they disappeared off the list!

I was frantic, searching all over the site. They'd stopped carrying them!

Finally, after an hour-long search online, I found them at

... and now, now they're mine!

All mine!

Is it wrong to act on (expensive) juvenile wardrobe lusts?

Stay tuned, for it remains to be seen. Til then, I leave you with the song that comes into my head every time I look at these boots.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Dubious inspiration...

M83's "Saturdays = Youth" album is my #1 summer driving around album. "Kim and Jessie" has the power to evoke even stoic me with teenage wistfulness. Their newest video, however...

M83 - Kim & Jessie

...somewhere between the "I Will Survive" video and t.A.t.U.'s "All The Things She Said", right? But not without its redeeming inspirational qualities. I was left with my craving for an American Apparel Figure Skater Dress thoroughly stoked to "freak out".



Just last week, I was asking a cat-owning friend whether cats could be good for hunting down the squirrels who, while cute, make a habit of staring me down while using my porch as an outhouse.

Growing up, all of our cats were fierce outdoor cats, and I figured it would be best for any potential cat of mine to be the same. Bowie Estelle, however, is the most domestic cat in the universe. I attempted to carry her outside for a photoshoot the other day and she yowled with terror upon sight of the opened door and scrambled away to the safety of under the bed.

'Stelle prefers the wild world of blankets, chiffarobe climbing, naps, toilets (a rather potent draw) and aping her human.

I wear a hipster scarf...

Dress: thrifted. Scarf: thrifted. Leggings: Gift. Shoes: thrifted. Belt: thrifted. Giant conch ring: World Market.

...Cat wears a hipster scarf.

Scarf: thrifted.

I wear some Sixties beads...

Beads: Mad for Mod. Tank: Urban Outfitters. Skirt: Thrifted. Shoes: Luichiny.

...Cat follows suit.

...I've officially gone cat-tarded.


Sunday, August 3, 2008


Thanks again for all of your wonderful creativity in my Polyvore contest! Everyone gets a prize (I'll be contacting you all on the soon), but the winner of the box of wonderfulness goes to "Jessiepink" with this submission that had me thinking about it for days!

It may be the car (one of my many fantasy cars is a burgundy Beetle with cream leather interior), but I really do love the mix of patterns, the mellowing effect that beige knee socks would have on the dramatic shoes, and of course, I can never resist a feather hair accessory and sexy gloves. In the words of a friend of mine, "Feeeee-urssss!!!"

And once again, thanks to everyone!


As Seen On...

Friday, August 1st.

Molly, Boutique Manager.

The soft, pretty colors and loose, dreamy shape of her skirt-as-dress caught my eye. The belt provides a little shape and structure, but stays summery by sitting loosely on top of her hipbone instead of cinching (hotly and uncomfortably--- been there!) at the waist.

A close up of all her tiny necklaces --- the wishbone is my favorite!

Anonymous Friends, Summit Street.

I couldn't resist snapping this group of girls, seemingly split down the middle aesthetically. Two in vintage dresses (the one on the far right has a hood on hers I think! Rad!) and Minnetonka Thunderbird mocs, the other two a bit more minimalist. Oh, and--- "anonymous friends" would be a great band name, no?


Friday, August 1, 2008

On Me Today -- literally and figuratively.

I like the idea of bows, but I like idea of ascots better; rather pidgeon powter-y no?

Blouse: thrifted. Shoes: Nine West. Skirt: Old Navy. Belt: thrifted. Ascot: found in the gutter in NYC.

In quite a few respects, I am one of the most impersonal people ever. I am a master of small-talk. Oh, I can go on and on about other things, too but always hedgingly. I enjoy speaking with people and writing, but I often find myself saying and writing things so that they are phrased in the "least incriminating" way possible.

Incriminating me, incriminating them... what I mean is that I don't like for anyone, myself included, to come away from a conversation feeling "wrong". While I may voice an opinion, I do it from the most cool, neutral place possible, and always with qualifiers. I think I've also trained myself, in a lot of cases, to not have an opinion. Not to get all teenaged on ya, but Goethe's quote "Every form correctly seen is beautiful" sums up how I feel about opinions. All opinions are valid if you can appreciate where they come from.

I feel like the negative corollary of Goethe's quote might be "Nothing really matters." I sometimes consider myself to be a very positive nihilist. Nothing matters, but it doesn't matter that it doesn't matter. In the meantime; do fun and constructive things to improve your experience (and others', if you care to). Sometimes I take this as far as to consider my own opinions as not mattering. Not because they are bad or wrong, but why bother? Everyone's got an opinion. I'll just live my life.

As an intensely private person, I strive to keep my preferences and experiences to myself as much as possible --- I feel that others have more at stake in having their opinions heard. So why do I blog? As a creative outlet; as a way of connecting with people who have a similar interest in fashion....

My brothers and I are quite close and one, Alex, said to me: "You're quite interesting in person (thanks bro!) but you can't get a good taste of who you are from your blog." According to him, and actually upon review of my favorite blogs I tend to agree, that having a sense of knowing the person doing the writing is a huge part of the appeal of reading a blog.

Do I really care to reveal more of myself on my blog? If I see it "correctly", will it be worth doing? Since it doesn't matter (wink), I'll give it a try. Anything's worth a try.

Oh-- and, speaking of things worth giving a try, thank you for all of your fabulous contest submissions! I'm slowly but surely looking through them all, and will announce a winner by this weekend!