Friday, August 1, 2008

On Me Today -- literally and figuratively.

I like the idea of bows, but I like idea of ascots better; rather pidgeon powter-y no?

Blouse: thrifted. Shoes: Nine West. Skirt: Old Navy. Belt: thrifted. Ascot: found in the gutter in NYC.

In quite a few respects, I am one of the most impersonal people ever. I am a master of small-talk. Oh, I can go on and on about other things, too but always hedgingly. I enjoy speaking with people and writing, but I often find myself saying and writing things so that they are phrased in the "least incriminating" way possible.

Incriminating me, incriminating them... what I mean is that I don't like for anyone, myself included, to come away from a conversation feeling "wrong". While I may voice an opinion, I do it from the most cool, neutral place possible, and always with qualifiers. I think I've also trained myself, in a lot of cases, to not have an opinion. Not to get all teenaged on ya, but Goethe's quote "Every form correctly seen is beautiful" sums up how I feel about opinions. All opinions are valid if you can appreciate where they come from.

I feel like the negative corollary of Goethe's quote might be "Nothing really matters." I sometimes consider myself to be a very positive nihilist. Nothing matters, but it doesn't matter that it doesn't matter. In the meantime; do fun and constructive things to improve your experience (and others', if you care to). Sometimes I take this as far as to consider my own opinions as not mattering. Not because they are bad or wrong, but why bother? Everyone's got an opinion. I'll just live my life.

As an intensely private person, I strive to keep my preferences and experiences to myself as much as possible --- I feel that others have more at stake in having their opinions heard. So why do I blog? As a creative outlet; as a way of connecting with people who have a similar interest in fashion....

My brothers and I are quite close and one, Alex, said to me: "You're quite interesting in person (thanks bro!) but you can't get a good taste of who you are from your blog." According to him, and actually upon review of my favorite blogs I tend to agree, that having a sense of knowing the person doing the writing is a huge part of the appeal of reading a blog.

Do I really care to reveal more of myself on my blog? If I see it "correctly", will it be worth doing? Since it doesn't matter (wink), I'll give it a try. Anything's worth a try.

Oh-- and, speaking of things worth giving a try, thank you for all of your fabulous contest submissions! I'm slowly but surely looking through them all, and will announce a winner by this weekend!



Missa said...

Love the flowery ascot over the gingham blouse and how ghetto-fabulous are you miss "I found my ascot in a NYC gutter", I love it!

Also, very well conveyed. I can identify strongly with some of what you're saying. Totally lookin' forward to seeing more of "you" on your blog :)

The Clothes Horse said...

Very interesting! I personally hate small talk but am very impersonal as well b/c I keep to myself though...really interesting reading a different perspective.
Oh and I like the ascot.

Spandexpony said...

Thanks, illustrious ladies! We'll see how much I follow through; I'm feeling less passionate today, and I tend to prefer to write in short blurbs (at least in the blog format). Maybe I should Twitter?

Sal said...

Hey, I say share only as much as you want. Everyone has reasons and parameters for blogging, and if letting your audience deep inside isn't high on your list of goals, that's completely valid. I still love to read your posts, and can glean that you're a seriously smart cookie. So there. I know things about you.