Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let's get political!

Tomorrow begins one of my busier weeks: exams, working a bunch more than usual and finding someone to watch my Catling because Friday I'm going to Denver for the Democratic National Convention! I'm so pumped!

It's going to be crazy in Denver though; when we tried to book a hotel 3 weeks ago, they were all taken so we ended up renting a house!

Here's what I hope to be sporting:

Every time I see the "Emo for Obama" pin I die laughing!

If you are into this country not imploding on itself in a squirming, steaming pile of gluttony, consumerism, oil-lust and plutocracy (redundancy be damned!), you're probably into Obama. You could be into Nader, too, but that's like wishing for a unicorn to save us all! The pins I found at Democratic Stuff are not only one red dollar apiece, but frickin' hilarious, and represent pretty much any and all interests (their roster is growing daily!).

The Toms Shoes are just the ticket, and will not leave my feet, save for floral doc breaks, throughout the fall. I just have to convince myself to pay for the expedited shipping... ugh!



Anonymous said...

Ah, the Toms. Again, if only they had a non-leather version ... Anyway, I think you should wear this pair to the convention:


Sal said...

HA! I'm getting my bass player a "Bass Guitars for Obama" button this second.

The Republicans will soon be descending on St. Paul. I plan to hide at the State Fair until they're gone. Possibly in the llama barn.

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm really NOT a fan of Obama (or the other candidate for the record) but these pins are funny.


denver madness will be so satisfying. i want the emo obama pin so bad! nice find.


Spandexpony said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Sal--- I feel so sorry for you! the_clothes_horse: I won't proselytize but... vote for Obama! McCain will kill us all!! ;)