Thursday, August 7, 2008

... so now what?

It may sound funny, but the thing I like best about my new Docs is that if I have a daughter someday, I would love for her to have them around age 14. If I don't have a daughter, they would make handsome planters when I'm done wearing them.

I always wished that my mom had saved some special things from her youth, but she was a habitual closet cleaner-outter. The only thing she saved is now in my closet: a sheer, evergreen disco dress with a floral pattern "growing" up from the handkerchief hem. Unfortunately, I wore it to a funeral last year, and the association hasn't quite left it, so I haven't worn it since.

But onto cheerier things! A few of the looks I tested with my most favorite new acquisition:

Sweater: thrifted. Tank: UO. Cutoffs: made from American Rag Jeans. Boots: Doc Martens.

My first thought was to pull out my "Cobain" cardigan and pair it with cutoffs. It's not so bad, but I kind of expected to confront the mirror with long dark legs and like, black plaited hair and Tyson Beckford eyes. It's been so long since I've worn chunkier shoes that it feels a bit awkward to wear them with something as bare as these shorts.

Shirt: thrifted. Cutoffs: made from American Rag Jeans. Boots: Doc Martens.

A bit of pattern mixing. I fondly refer to this shirt as my "Dykon" shirt. Rainbow, plaid, what's not to love?

T-shirt: thrifted. Dress: thrifted. Boots: You guessed it!

I dunno... I feel like I look like I'm going to bed. I'm not ready to be this grunge. Not again! I love the dress, though, which is actually a burned-out velvet Victoria's Secret number and the shirt is kinda of that gross, old black, but it says, "BUSTED... by the Nasty Boys" on it, so I really couldn't say no. Best 45cents I ever spent.

Shirt: thrifted, altered by y'girl. Jeans: UO. Boots: Docs.

Ah-ha! I think I've found their true calling: skinny jeans. This shirt was one of my very faves last year... it used to be a Lane Bryant turtleneck that I cut off. So fresh with this necklace.

Sweater: thrifted. Shirt: thrifted. Jeans: UO. Boots: Docs.

I thrifted this sweater in Watertown, NY on my way up to visit a friend in Ontario. It's the best, wooly Land's End sweater with a tee-pee print on it. I think I've found my casual winter look.

At work today, a very elderly lady came in and told me about what fun she had in the Sixties wearing opaque tights and short skirts. "They were very expensive," she said, "but I loved them, and I love remembering myself in them." I told her about how the flowered boots I loved seemed appropriate only with skinny jeans and she said, "If you love those boots, you'll wear those skinny jeans!" Hehe! Too right.

What article of clothing do you have that you know you'll love remembering yourself in at age 80?



Rox said...

I really like the Docs with the skinny jeans!

Around the holiday season I'd always see old ladies out shopping in San Francisco dressed in their finest. It always amazed that their "finest" seemed to have been purchased in the 50's/60's. So I'd like to imagine myself instead of reminiscing about fashions past, to still be wearing it.

The Clothes Horse said...

Fun, fun shoes! My mother didn't save anything either. Makes me quite sad at all the free vintage I am missing out on.

Anonymous said...

Love the Docs!

Annie said...

Definitely, they look great with the skinny jeans!

And hi, we both like spandex. :]

Sal said...

You're awesome for posting the reject outfits. Way to be scientific about it! Skinny jeans get the thumbs up for sure.

When I'm 80, I think I'll look back fondly on my giant red platform cowboys from Fluevog. They don't get a ton of wear, but every time I trot them out I just feel ... happy.

Hailey @ said...

Those looks are so cute!! I can tell you are so inpired by th new boots, which is awesome!

Jaydubs said...

I can't deny my aversion to the pegged jeans, but I forgot to tell you how much I loved those Docs last night! So cute ... I always wanted a pair of Docs in high school, but never had the cash for 'em, and since I don't wear leather now, I guess it's never gonna happen, so I will just live vicariously through you.

Anyhoodle, my favorite looks were with the skinny jeans and the plaid shirt/shorts, for what it's worth. ;)

jessiepink said...

your docs are so precious! i just got some black ones from ebay and am so pumped for outfit combinations! they're so 90s!

NewYorkChique said...

LOVE the shoes!
and I have so many articles of clothing from my mom when she was young, haha...i'd probably want my daughter to have my flats and bags. my flats dont last very long though, so i'd probably just end up being my bags =]

Spandexpony said...

Thank you all so much for your comments!

rox: My fiance and I jointly decided to wear adidas tracksuits and kangols when we're 80. Perhaps my Docs will still be around then for me to (not) match with?

the_clothes_horse: it's a damn shame! I recently did find at my parents' house though, my dad's baby blanket with a drycleaning receipt still on it... from 1974!!

annie: thanks and always!

sal: thank you! I'd love to see those boots in action!

hailey: thanks, and you're right! I think I haven't allowed myself to wear casual stuff outside of a gym context in such a long time that I'm really taking this thing and running with it!

jaydubs: thanks! Also, loved cakewrecks. Your veganism is giving me a post idea!

jessiepink: If you need any inspiration, peep Dolores O'Riordan (i think her name was) from the Cranberries! My style idol way back when.

newyorkchique: thank you and-- keep those bags away from exploding pens and lipsticks (how all of my former bags have died)!