Sunday, August 3, 2008

As Seen On...

Friday, August 1st.

Molly, Boutique Manager.

The soft, pretty colors and loose, dreamy shape of her skirt-as-dress caught my eye. The belt provides a little shape and structure, but stays summery by sitting loosely on top of her hipbone instead of cinching (hotly and uncomfortably--- been there!) at the waist.

A close up of all her tiny necklaces --- the wishbone is my favorite!

Anonymous Friends, Summit Street.

I couldn't resist snapping this group of girls, seemingly split down the middle aesthetically. Two in vintage dresses (the one on the far right has a hood on hers I think! Rad!) and Minnetonka Thunderbird mocs, the other two a bit more minimalist. Oh, and--- "anonymous friends" would be a great band name, no?



Missa said...

Love the street style shots, especially the one of those gorgeous gold necklaces! I was just thinking today about how being a street style blogger would be so much fun. I saw a couple of different girls this weekend that I would have loved to have photographed, if only I felt comfortable approaching people like that, sigh...

Spandexpony said...

Missa --- it is so, so much fun! I think it's maybe easier in the town where I live because stylish people or even people who try are few and far between so I think people appreciate someone noticing them, and don't so much have a chip on their shoulder about their style.