Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On-demand hair advice

One other thing I need before I go to Denver is some hair-sprucing. The week when everyone starts telling me my hair looks great is always the week before I seriously need a haircut. That week is this one, and much to my amazement, I was able to book a hair appointment justthissecond, for an hour from now. I'm feelin' some change (unintentional Obama tie-in), so before I hop off for a snip, I'll leave you with a few of my hastily researched options.

Not too incredibly different from what I have now, aside from the color, although I've always wanted to be a hot ginge. Might take me in a punkier direction, which I never mind.

I love love love this and the one below it. The longer top keeps it feminine, and slightly flappery when it's not styled so Paul Mitchell-y. The only problem is that I do have very thick hair, and this cut can grow out strangely on me. We'll see.

So, so feminine, which to me is definitely important in a short cut. The only downside to supershort hair like this, is it's difficult to not look incredibly butch when you're at the gym, especially if it's a day you're in glasses, and a t-shirt with the sides slashed down ultra-low (my typical gym uniform. Freedom of movement, damn it!)

Um, yeah... cute... I kinda do hate that "Alfalfa" touch at the top there, though. Does anyone know of a site that has hair inspirations that are a little less Glamour Shots? I looked through a few Flickr groups and came up empty, and Mad Rad Hair had long been a lost cause...

I actually did have my hair like this at one point; it was very dark brown at the time and one of my all-time favorite looks. My style at the time though was a little more rocker boy-ish, and suiting. Not so much at present.

... and just for the lols... I was honestly shocked to find this on a website touting cutting-edge styles. Maybe they meant "Cutting Edge", as in figure skating?

Well, I'm off for now--- if any of you out there have some amazing hair inspirations to share, my self of 8 weeks from now would love to hear them!

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Hammie said...

Is that a person or a waxwork in the last shot. As a fellow thick haired person, I would be interested to hear how you find a good cutter. Like how you assess whether they will be able to handle the mane. so much the lost art methinks.
Nice to meet you, Sal introduced us!

Spandexpony said...

Awesome! Nice to meet ya! Whenever I meet a potential new stylist, I always make sure that they a) never straighten before they cut -- why give a haircut that only looks good if straightened? b) cut it dry -- because hair shrinks when it dries. You'll want to know what your hair is going to look like as its being cut. c) he/she's skilled at texturizing. Because for thick hair, it's where it's at. d) they have a hair texture similar to mine. So they can identify, yo.