Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hooray! The first snow of the season came today, in big, fat, sloppy flakes falling fast and frenzied.

Effin' A. Ground Cover.

Usually winter is really not my bag, but I've got a wedding to plan and winter is the most -- bridal -- of seasons. I've always wanted to get married in the fall, but this spring, I worked this vintage wedding gown show at the Art Museum and fell in love with this gown from the 1970s--- full length, and instead of a veil or headpiece-type thing, it came with a long, hooded cape that was trimmed in white fur and designed to tie at the neck. Sigh!

My sugah and I want this wedding to be the first of many beautiful parties that we'll put on as a married twosome. I'd like to elope first (Vegas? Paris? Burning Man?), to take the pressure off of the day-- let it serve one purpose (multi-family gala) instead of too many.

Below, a collage I've put together of some of my wintry wedding inspirations...

Angular crystals, smoke, whitened branches, crisp stars, albino peacocks, cool Hitchcockian blondes with high contast, clean style; and faded into the background, enlarged subzero-tolerant bacteria.

And also, you have to hear this song (if you haven't yet) by the Fleet Foxes that I first heard a couple of days ago, and just about had a winter-gasm...


Marina said...

Thanks for your message. You are now in my blogroll.
Bottes pas cher

Sal said...

HOLD THE PHONE. Did you tell us you were getting married already and I MISSED IT?!? Mazel Tov, beautiful!!! That is fantastic news!

Munted kowhai said...

Do you have photos of this said vintage gown?! I want to see! A cape, that sounds soo neat. Eloping seems like the most brilliant idea as I've been to two weddings and they all seem pretty stressful!

Caroline said...

Hooray for weddings! and Hooray for parties! also (for good measure) Hooray for albino peacocks!

Missa said...

Good luck with the wedding plans, looks like you've got some magical ideas to work with!

That song is great, I've been listening to Fleet Foxes too lately :)

Spandexpony said...

Marina: Hooray!

Sal: Laff out LOUD at you! Yep, I got engaged in May... I've kept pretty mum about it but I did do a post on some rings back then. Thanks for your well wishes! I'll smash some glasses for you!

Munted: No, unfortunately! They wouldn't let us take photos because they said the flash could damage the fibers. And I was all... yo anything for a picture, and they were like... nah girl.

Missa: Thanks! and I'd be interested in knowing more about what you're listening to, too! I'm always eager for a new sound!