Sunday, November 9, 2008


For a couple of years now, I've been casually searching for the perfect pair of black boots. I'm more of a brown girl, so having them wasn't that important to me. But lately the search has hit a fever pitch, mostly because the perfect boot is so very hard to find.

I hate slouchy boots.

LinkDear God. What hath Naughty Monkey wrought?

I hate towering platforms and heels (look great, but I'm no dominatrix-who-lunches).

Fucking... ow!!!

Although these are probably the most tasteful rendition I've seen in awhile, I still hate tops of boots that slant towards the back (unless my name is Linda Carter):

From Diesel... Nearly perfect, except for that darned slanted top and the weird, mannish pitch of the arch.

Adding to my design-related churlishness, most boots are either over $200 (since when are Steve Madden and Nine West teetering on unaffordable? Know your places!), or under $60 and look cheap. For me, black clothing, and in particular shoes, must never look cheap!

But lo and behold, I find These:

All the elements of perfection: Nearly mint, Etienne Aigner, a buckled strap that is more elegant than Hot Topic, a level top of the boot, almond toe, walkable height, in my size...and also $35 from SaintChicago. I hearby declare that Etsy is the only place I will ever buy anything, again.

PS-- The winner of the Red Shoe/Zooey Deschanel in "Tin Man" contest will be announced in my next post! Sorry to keep you all waiting!


Stephanie Hobbs said...

Oh wow, I LOVE those! You're right, they ARE perfect!!

I'm still in that 'only need a brown pair' phase still, but someday I hope to NEEEEED black boots, haha.

Sal said...

Hot cha! Don't it feel good to finally find a long-sought-after piece? Well played.