Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let me count the ways!

The lovely and talented Sal of Already Pretty has tagged me with the "Why I Love My State" meme. I put together a little photo scavenger hunt, with my stand-in drugstore digital camera, of the reasons I love Ohio, now.

1. We're Blue!

Friends and I toasting the announcement of Ohio's turning blue this Tuesday.

2. It's been clear, sunny, and 70-some, non-humid degrees for at least a week. Ahhh!

Barnes and Noble at the South Campus Gateway. They masquerade as the historic Long's bookstore, because their sign is just that great.

3. Some of the most rewarding thrifting in the country. "I'd wager it!" I say, pulling on my handlebar mustache and sneering to reveal a mouth full of thrifted, gold caps.

The Volunteers of America on Indianola, my favoritest thrift store in town. Fun game: guess which of the sweaters in this photo I came away with?

4. Best... trees... ever! Oh flaming maple! Oh ghostly sycamore! Oh oak, putting the "oak" in "ochre"!

The South Oval facing Mirror Lake on the Ohio State University campus. I swear their trees keep their colors longer than any others!

5. Gas has turned its frown upside down, and at the majority of gas stations, has slipped well below $2/gallon. Now, a roadtrip to one of our many haunted prisons and abandoned amusement parks is well in order!

Yep, you're reading that right! $1.93 a gallon today.

Now, to complete the circle and pass the meme along, I nominate Lily, Caroline, Marcine, Missa, and Isabel, who, while not from the States, certainly lives in a locality. Show us around, ladies!