Thursday, November 13, 2008

Planet Yearn

My boyfriend made the awful mistake of showing me this video the other day...

... and now the slow and steady thrum of thoughts that tell me to get giant, statement glasses a la Iris Apfel, Joy Venturini Bianchi or this lovely lady has now elevated itself to a whir. Tragically, these frames are hard to find--- go to any eyeglasses store, in-person or online, looking for "unique frames" and they show you options that look like they were made for for a fifty-something art teacher from New Mexico, or a graying European techno-enthusiast.

So... it's off to do some creative hunting.

I'm much opposed to American Apparel's foray into vintage, however, unwillingly I'm into these:

Kind of sporty looking, and not terribly adherent to the aviator trend. Unique enough to be different, but versatile enough to stand up to casual wear and business, feminine (though not girly) frocks or a t-shirt, blazer and jeans. Long-lasting wear, my friends, long-lasting wear.

I love the color of these (blue eyes, blue glasses... mmm?), and they also come in purple, red, yellow, and green, but I have a sneaking suspicion that these tread to closely into bandwagon-iness... Also, they could do terrible things to a face which is neither relatively narrow nor particularly angular. They're a pretty decent deal at $50, and I assume returnable, so an experiment may be on.

The "vintage Cazal" search on my Ebay is well, well worn... I ran into a guy on the street once who was wearing a pair matched with a sleek grey suit and the demurest pair of Ice Creams I'd ever seen. I've been obsessed with their angular coolness ever since. I still have yet to find Ebay Cazals that suit my parameters exactly, but they are definitely a trip to look through.

On my glasses-browsing journeys, I always notice that sunglasses styles tend to be more experimental than regular eyeglass styles... is there anything preventing getting their lenses removed and replaced with prescription ones?

I've been obsessed with clear and white frames for glasses for awhile (wood, too, if you can ever find a pair!) However, on a fair blonde such as myself, the effect can sometimes be milky and washed-out. These Chloe sunglasses from 80's Purple have a heavy opacity to the frame which make it a more promising white-framed bet for me, and coupled with the bronze... I think the effect could be youthful, intelligent and subtly funky, like a Sixties aristocratish academic type who has an in with the Middle Eastern art crowd.

Holy crap! Not sure if they pass the long-lasting test, but if $385 (their latest bid) were disposable to me, I would get them right this second, then switch to a wardrobe of exclusively grey, white and black.

Claw Money is getting to be one of my favorite brands of jewelry, but they also have these, the holy grail of sunglasses too. I love the idea of red frames, but they always seem to remind me of Sally Jesse Raphael. These are more rock show than talk show (I'm sorry, I couldn't help it!) and I believe, with clear prescription lenses could be fun and robot-y as opposed to vaguely Kanye-like in their sunglassed rendition.

Anyone else out there have some good ideas? Or better yet--- great pictures?

I leave you now with the most adorable video by one of my favorite glasses-wearers--- whose glasses inexplicably turn to shades and then back...



Missa said...

Have you looked at the Charles Anastase Spring 2009 collection on The models are wearing different kinds of big glasses along these lines.

madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

Those videos are awesome, especially at 3 AM.

If you end up sporting any of those specs shown, go for broke and be sure to get the lens type that morphs from normal to shaded on its own... :)

Sal said...

I adore you. Almost as much as I adore Elvis. Specifically pre-Diana-Krall Elvis. Keep us posted on the quest for specs!

Munted kowhai said...

I wish I could pull that look off! I just don't have the face for it. Poooz

Marina said...

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Marina (from France)

Mr. M. said...

Yes, this sort of thing is all over Williamsburg. It's only certain girls who do it; you know the type, that girl who can wear anything retarded and look great in it. I am opposed to this becoming a trend, but I suppose it's out of my control. Taryn claims that it is only truly cool when Black people do it. (She is Black.) Like most things. Like, Kanye in those glasses would be irrestible.

Spandexpony said...

Missa-- thanks! Also, dig the socks and sandals thing he has going on.

Madam0wl-- lol! And I'm glad you like them as much as I do!

Sal-- damn! thanks! and back atcha sweet lady!

Munted-- they may not be the frames pictured, but there is an amazing frame out there for you!

Marina-- thanks, and sure!

Mr. M-- for me, it's more like St. Petersburg than Williamsburg... ya dig?