Wednesday, November 26, 2008


With Thanksgiving around the bend, I must have grandmas on the brain (naturally). Because, quite contrary to my fuss-eschewing nature, I'm suddenly drawn to the idea of lace vintage collars-- as big, statement necklaces.

If I were going gigantic, I'd keep the dress pairing minimal, and in Puritan Brown. This vintage 1920's lace bib-style collar seems wildly modern to me in this context...

I love how "structured black dress" plus "lace necklace" brings to mind utter marm-ery, but with lace that is delicate, off-color and whimsically chained like these necklaces, the effect is of subtle "flirting" above the neckline of a rather assertive, Neo-like dress (which is, as of this moment, at the very top of my "black dress lust" list).


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Caroline said...

I LOVE that black dress with the last lacy bib necklace. That would be a hot ensemble.