Friday, October 10, 2008

Passing it on...

So, what must have been a long, long time ago, the lovley and gracious Sal of Already Pretty graced me with this gold card of Blog Love (or B'love, as she so poetically puts it!). Thank you dear lady. Her blog is a humorous, informative, intelligent and very "real" collection of thoughtful and uplifting-without-being-saccharine articles on appearance issues; recent posts have included "avoiding cankles" and "mastectomy fashion". It's a must-read!

Now, I love web memes, but I'm such a turd at keeping them going. My first order of business, as a recipient of this award, is to first pass it on to Vintage Knitting. Rhiannon keeps her ship tight and full of 1930's inspired sweater patterns that have inspired me to put "The Art of Knitting for Children" DVD on hold for myself at work. One of my former nicknames was "Crash Bandicoot" on account of my clumsiness, so I figured I better keep it basic.

Below, a few of Rhiannon's sweaters I hope will eventually make it from skein to bod by the grace of my newfound talents.

Sigh!!! I've been thinking about this lovely one all week.

P.S.--- I apologize, but the HTML is not working properly, limiting some of my link-enabling and formatting skillz.

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