Saturday, October 18, 2008

Father of the wolves.

As a kid, we had a big blue conversion van whose backseat could be turned into a bed. I spent quite a few of my fall days in the van spread out with library books, usually about animals or Egypt. In a book about wolves, I read they were descended from a cross between raccoons and bears (these must have been some seriously old library books).

Lately, I find myself taking quite a shine to the Father of the Wolves....

KidViskous on Etsy

I'd love to wear this (and I will, cuz I just bought it) with a cozy wrap sweater, leggings and boots...

artandghosts on Etsy

"Congratulations, Mr. Bear, it's a wolf!"

misschicboutique on Etsy.

Wow, wow, and quadruple wow. This Etsy seller has a ton of super beautiful, Native-American inspired bear and wolf jewelry like this (although this totem one might be my very favorite piece). I think these would look great with a 1920's vibed look, with t-straps and tights. And possibly, a feathered fascinator.

Bumblebeadzzz on Etsy

Even though I've been described in the past as being somewhat like Darlene on "Roseanne" (I would describe those people as being like DJ), I'm truly a lover of all things incredibly twee, such as this gorgeous pendant, which will make its way to my peachy pink walled apartment sooon.....

...and here, a little tune by a band that should be called "Plus the Bear", imho.



Missa said...

Those earrings!!! <333

Sal said...

A BOOK said that wolves were a cross between racoons and bears?!?!?? Lawd lawd, I hope that book has since been incinerated.

Do love the bear in the party hat, tho. That is one classy bear.

Caroline said...

That art and ghosts print is fantastic...though I'm a sucker for any animal wearing a hat. I'm also incredibly taken with the beaded earrings.