Thursday, October 23, 2008

Enough Nazi Punks for One Evening!

Seriously. I just got done buying tickets for Girl Talk from Ticketmaster. I stopped using Ticketmaster a long time ago, because I didn't like their high-pressure, "buy this in 3 minutes or it's gone" thing.

Unable to go buy these tickets in person, I bowed to the Master of the Tickets. Now, not only do you only have 3 minutes, but tickets that cost $13.50 a piece ended up costing me $49... for TWO. Utterly ridiculous. A "venue fee"? Is that not what selling alcohol is for? I got something to say to ya Ticketmaster...

I wasn't expecting to find fashion inspiration in this video, but the one guy's yellow stripey shirt, stud belt and grey jeans thing make him the most refined of color-unshy punks.... is a Ticketmaster company, and both StubHub and TicketLiquidator sold the tickets for $48 and $43 dollars apiece, respectively. I have an idea--- but if anyone ends up implementing it won't they please call it the "Spandexpony Method"? There needs to be an online community, where friendlies offer their in-person ticket-buying services and either have your tickets saved for you at Will Call or send them to you, for a nominal fee. I would gladly, for the price of the ticket, plus $5, go to any number of the concert venues I live within walking distance to, to pick up your tickets, if I knew that another person within walking distance of say, Pianos, would pick up and send a ticket to me. Any takers?

PS! Have you entered the contest yet?



Rox said...

I always found it amazing how the Dead Kennedys had a song that suited just about every situation.

In all honesty half the reason why I don't go to as many shows as I used to is because Ticketmaster (and agencies like it) really pisses me off :P - If I wanted to be hassled and gouged on the tickets, I'd buy my tickets from a scalper!

Sal said...

I love that idea. Maybe we could just pay each other via PayPal. It could be a great way to meet other music lovers, too!

Spandexpony said...

Rox: I once unknowingly bought counterfeit tickets for a Gwen Stefani show at Madison Square Gardens... I was dying to see it and paid $45 for the ticket (ugh). When I went to the gate, the guy poured some of his water on it, and the barcode bled! Needless to say, I was turned away. :(
Sal: No doubt! Now I just gotta find a way to put the word out!