Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Death of a Twin.

Spooky and pretty never fails to arouse my aesthetic sensibilities. These photos, done with Spectra Polaroid film bring to mind a hot parking lot in the desert with mirage fog coming off it, a twin that died too young, pogonip, something that you can't quite remember but that you know can no longer be. You can check these, and many other hellishly ethereal shots at Don't Be a Dead Cat.**

This photo reminded me immediately of Van Gogh... the image in the smoke looks like a phantom ear to me...

So reminiscent of this painting, but vastly improved by a flapper haircut and greyscale-itude.

So pretty it's almost gross-- the choppy water lends its unease... kind of like those white, pearlescent cat/swan/unicorn statues at thrift stores that would be all right, maybe, if it weren't for the horrible crusty felt bottoms with someone's name written on it.

Like a page from a waterstained comic book that you found in an abandoned building.

Nosferatu, Mexican blanket, taxidermy-obsessed youth. I so badly would like to make a "Succubi are horny" joke here.

This one reminds me of the Fourth of July scene from "Final Destination".

Beautifully lonely in front of a TV some summer night.

I normally dislike dead-animal photos, but I do like how active the fish looks, as though it's somersaulting through a flower-filled pond, until you realize it's.... dunh dunh dunh.... dead.

Everyone you know lives there, but you'll never go back.

I just saw "The Fountain", and this reminds me so much of the "future" scenes. Plus, how gorgeous would this be as a textile? Rodarte, I'm looking at you!

** You can also see more photos by sending the artist, Lungston, some more film... I've been Polaroid's stoppage of production may put an end to all this if there is not any new film on the horizon!



Stephanie Hobbs said...

I love these photos. They make me feel sad and old a little, but I still like them.

The video was well done and she has such a lovely voice! It reminds me of Joanna Newsom a little bit :)

Here's her song: The Sprout and the Bean

Sal said...

The less gruesome ones make me think of "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt. Didja read that one?