Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Insert Fashion-Related Fencing Pun (En Garters? ) Here.

So, I'm taking Fencing this quarter; partly because I'm into theater and think that knowing how to fence will help me land a plumb Shakespeare role one day (if I pull a Gwyneth Paltrow, I guess), and partly because it looks so frickin' awesome. The outfits bring to mind a more elegant, and French "A Clockwork Orange". A couple days ago, I went to a fencing competition to see my few, stilted skills brought to life by those in the know. And to look at their uniforms.

Ahh... the vests, oh, the vests! Can't resist an outfit with a vestigial codpiece. White, gold, and metallic baby pink seemed to be the protocol.

Some regulation style fencing shoes which were reasonably cool in their own right. Most of the fencers, however, were wearing Aasics Mexico 66's....mmm... aasics...

Most of the competitors were wearing these new, clear-faced masks. Sleek, however, it diminishes the kinky thrill of the traditional ones.

I deemed this girl to be the fashionista of the bunch--- due to the socks and bitchin' shoes.

---And now, time for a little Ultraviolence.


Parry, damnit!


Behold, my fencing/Stanley Kubric film, concept-uniting Polyvore.

A clockwork neutral by spandexpony



Sal said...

How FUN! Do you find you're a natural at it, or is it tough to fence like a pro?

Spandexpony said...

I'd say that my natural inclination is to just get in there and "cut stuff" but there's a lot of technique that I have to tame myself enough to learn properly! So yes... rather tough, but it is nonetheless, totally betchin.