Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wholly Craft

Wholly Craft usually has such restricted hours that it's usually closed when I stop by. So I had to be there for a show they had Friday night as it might be the only opportunity to browse... naw'm sayin'?

A small swath of the crowd... some more animated than others.

Kyle Sowash played solo.

The Super Desserts played next... I dug the ukelelist's gold 40's pump/acid wash jeans/vest/plaid shirt ensemble.

Have I mentioned lately how the ukelele is the perfect female instrument?

The damned cute Marcine from wardrobe_remix rocks her ukelele daily.

I inherited one, surreptitiously, and it looks terrific but on account of its condition is strictly a prop.

I picked up this sweet squirrel pin, and wore this:

Jacket: American Rag. Dress: vintage, shortened. Clutch: thrifted. Shoes: Steve Madden.

Tuesday, for those who are in the area, is "Puppy Night" at Gresso's -- bring your puppy!

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