Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh, the places I've been!

This whole week has been a mess of travel! From Kingston, Ontario to visit a friend and go camping, to Dayton, OH to visit family of my man, and to Cincinnati to visit my own people (and thrifting the whole way through).

Gladiator Jellies: Old Navy Everything Else: Thrifted

And while I love visiting with family and hometown friends...

Susan, Jenn, Aileen, Yours Truly

... one of my favorite reasons to go back home is to visit with the Pup. Johnny Vandal is one of the most fashionable of pups, a Boston Terrier.

Isn't he a dapper one?

He knows a zillion tricks, thanks to my Dad (Happy Fathers Day, Dad!)

Vandal dances, I wear clothes. Top, belt: thrifted. Capris: American Eagle. Espadrilles: TJ Maxx.


Anonymous said...

your outfits are crazzzzy!!!! love it



Great oufit. I love that green dress!