Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Spring Fashion Show -- Dresses part Deux

This Designer gets taped into her dress, fashioned from a vintage blouse. The back of the dress is entirely made of satin ribbons, tied in bows all down the spine.

Yours truly! I couldn't get a decent shot of the other dress I modeled, but it was kind of a cluster eff throwing this one off and getting that one on; I think it took sixty seconds, tops. People were pulling off my shoes and everything! Madness!

A stunning period gown... the Designer said that this jacket portion of the dress took 3 hours to make --- uh, you win! Check out the little birdies in her tall hair!

'Til next time!


bonsalles said...

Love the design show pictures. I have a few great ones of you and Lindsey striking a pose for the camera. I will send them to you.


The Clothes Horse said...

Gorgeous outfits. I adore the thought of ribbons all the way down the back.

Miss White said...

These are all so creative! It must have been so much fun to model too!

Elissa said...

Anne-Louise: I would love to see your pictures!

the_clothes_horse: It was so pretty, I got a couple of pics but they didn't look good enough to post.

miss_white: it was a blast!

Elissa said...
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