Saturday, June 28, 2008

MMM.... Ebay...

In between groggy gulps of Kool-Aid, fumbling with Sine-Off burst-packs and falling back to sleep with a magazine on my face, I found a few short moments to trawl Ebay to check on my auctions, and of course, find the next object of my bidding affection.

I love safari-cut dresses and anything with a structured, masculine, geometric fit. My former Hot Topic-ing self finds the mesh sleeves completely, subversively irresistible. Mesh sleeves on a smart dress? I'm in love...

This jacket is so irresistible in a "Just One of The Guys" kind of way. I think I'd take the tough factor down a notch by pairing it with a colorful, girly dress, or high-waisted suspendered pants and tie-neck blouse.

I've been on the lookout for a white, summer dress that didn't remind me of a sorority girl, wasn't too boho and didn't look like it came from Pam Anderson's wedding wardrobe. How elegant are those sleeves! And that high, lacy button-up neck! The demure details paired with the short length make this not only a nice winter piece with colored tights, but perfect for a night on a patio with you lover and a bottle of white wine. Moisture!

Definitely on my list for this coming fall and winter are dramatic, asymmetrical pieces of outerwear. With equestrian boots and a German Shorthaired Pointer, the look is complete. But seriously... the shape, the hood, the pockets, the lining, and the little piece of hardware at the shoulder to hold everything together? It's almost better than what I had in mind!


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