Friday, April 9, 2010

Tip of the Iceberg

 I just spent the day re-organizing my shoe avalanche collection.  Consider this post my audition for "Extreme Hoarders:  Shoe Edition".  Sigh!

Although, perhaps I perjure myself.  What's the difference between a collector and a hoarder?  I think that collectors show off their possessions with pride.  Not sure if what I'm feeling right now is necessarily pride, but then again you won't find any coupons, pizza boxes or fossilized possums in here.  Perhaps I'm feeling tentative relief. 

Hmm... to buy:  Boot forms.

Just a short post for today-- I find myself suddenly in the position of having 3 jobs, all received on the same day.  Despite the overwhelmingness of it, I am quite thankful to have "too many jobs" as my most pressing problem.  Seriously.  Universe, I like ya, but you're crazy.

Til later,



megan said...

i would never consider the amount of shoes i have hoarding... no matter what the doctors tell me heh heh heh :|
but seriously.. show off your shoes with pride :D


The Waves said...

Oh deary me! Thank you so much for leaving me a note at No Signposts; I had no idea you were back to blogging! I don't know how I missed that!! Anywhoo, wonderful to have you back, you've made my day!

P.S. No, having lots of shoes does not qualify as hoarding. Just by definition. Because a girl needs her shoes, you know.

Patty said...

Shoes <3 i would love to have that many!

Elissa said...

Megan: lol! Will do!

The Waves: Hooray! Thanks for stopping by--- you enabler you!

Patty: Just hang out at thrift stores long enough and you soon shall!!