Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Eli-" peaked in the 1880s.

I'm a g-man.  A suit.  That's right, a state-employed clerk.  My new assignment leads me to a researching/red-stamping/archiving position for the Department of Health; specializing in birth records.

Sweater:  Thrifted.  Dress:  thrifted.  Belt:  thrifted.  Bag: Grandview Weekend Outlet.  Tights:  Target.  Shoes:  Nine West.

Despite it's seemingly dry nature, I actually have a lot of fun with this; going through birth records and thinking about people's names; noting that before they stopped recording people's occupations on birth certificates in the mid-1960's in Ohio, that most Ohioans were machinists or insurance salesmen.  Another thing I really like is the ability to recognize name trends... that names that begin with "Car-" were most popular in the 1950's, names that start with "Mad-" were most popular in the 1990's.  If you haven't checked out Baby Name Wizard's blog yet, they have an awesome visualization tool to show you how names rank in popularity nationwide throughout the years, starting in the 1870's or so, to present.

  Pocketed, for her pleasure.

I'm still acclimating myself to dressing for this office.  Today I was subjected to a series of non-smiling, head-to-toe looks from only women; which lead me to my first conclusion-- run and hide in the first sweater set and ass-obscuring khakis that you can find.  But more recently, I settle on my second conclusion, which is that the outfit pushes boundaries, but the overall impression is good.

The tote bag is a special new get for me; I traipsed off to the tiny, backwoods hometown of a friend a couple of weeks ago, and they have an outlet there that only sells new Target merchandise that is super off-season, for like, $1.  This golden tribute to Timex set me back 97 cents.  I also came away with some sandals from the Miss Trish for Capri thing they did last year-- the golden ones with the lions on them, for $2, and a long, olive green, racer-back maxi dress-- they'll mosey on here as soon as June rolls around, I'm sure!

Til next time,



Eyeliah said...

don’t run and hide, I am sure they are just taken aback to see some style around the office.

alya said...

It's like Mr. Timberlake says, "Don't hate on me just 'cause you didn't come up with it." Nothing inappropriate about this look for the office, professionally stylish. Haters gonna hate, what can you do? Ignore 'em.

Elissa said...

Eyeliah, Alya: Thanks for the support! As the week has come to a close, I think maybe people are starting to warm up... AND I found a new fashion buddy a few cubes down who is totally cute! We can trade notes between TPS reports!