Monday, April 12, 2010

My take on...

I found this chevron-striped skirt, and visions of the 1970's take on the 1930's danced through my head. I wasn't sure what to pair with it, but as soon as I saw Eyeliah's recent post featuring her fine self in a dreamily stripe-alicious concoction, I caught the fever. 

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and I do admire this blogger for her commitment to commenting on so many of our blogs; her social networking prowess and personal touch are definitely something I wish I had more of!  So here goes, my take on Eyeliah.

Shoes:  Nine West.  Skirt:  Thrifted.  Belt:  Thrifted.  Blouse:  The Gap.  Bag:  My shop!  Hat:  thrifted.

My camera truly hates stripes it seems, so here's a close-up so you can get a better gander at the stripes involved in this venture.

I'm also extremely flippin' fond of this hat; although hat-wearing is alien to me in seasons not ending in -inter

Laurel Earrings:  Target.

Although, the shade-providing aspects of a huge hat are attractive to me now that I take my fair skin seriously.  Also, it makes me feel like Iris in Taxi Driver, but um-- older and less exploited. 

My head is inside this hat.  Deep inside.

The point of this picture is not only to convince you to let me sit on your Viper in my leather shorts, but also to display the charms of this lovely bag, which is currently in my store, but now that it goes so awesomely with the rest of the ensemble makes me kind of regret it! 

Til next time...



Clare said...

I love your take on Eyeliah!! So gorgeous.

Eyeliah said...

Thank you so much for your sweet words!!! This outfit is so stylish to boot!! My camera has trouble capturing thin stripes too, if you can you tell in this outfit my belt is also striped ;-)

The Waves said...

Okay, you look stunning in that. STUNNING.

Compeletely agree re: Eyeliah; she's such an inspiration!

Elissa said...

Clare: Thank you!

Eyeliah: Of course! Thank you! And actually, we have the same camera (I noticed on flickr. I know. Dork.) so that explains the stripe problem. I didn't notice your belt was striped too! Even better!

The Waves: Wow, thanks so much!

gina said...

What a great outfit! Love how you put the whole thing together!

I just discovered your blog from No Signposts in the Sea, and I love your style!