Friday, April 23, 2010

Does Earth Day even happen any more??

Just squeezing under the wire (I think) to present you my Earth-day themed post.  I don't know about you, but Earth Day is getting less and less fanfare each year, it seems.  Today, I almost didn't realize it was here... we had a big party at work for Take Your Kid To Work Day (also today), for which I made Watergate salad (omnomnom), which is green, so I very possibly inadvertently celebrated Earth Day.


In line with my inadvertent celebrating of Earth Day, I wore a rather boho top, if I do say so myself.  In a previous post, I mentioned that I hate all things hippie, but upon saying so, I issued a challenge to myself to find and incorporate something of that ilk into my regular rotation.

Jeans:  New York & Company.  I highly recommend them, especially if you are on the curvier side.   Shoes:  thrifted.  Top:  Francesca's.  Hat: thrifted.

My main concern with flowy tops is I think they make me look dumpy both by virtue of shapelessness and drab, dinge-making colors.  This one is slightly more fitted (hurrah!) and is a pale, metallic gold.  I'll be sad --if and when-- metallic gold leaves the fashion scene... we're so tight.

Shoes:  Thrifted Eddie Bauer.

What you're seeing on the ground there is one of many beer cans that get thrown into the yard.  If only the neighborhood drunks knew, every time you litter, a little baby bunny gets whacked.  It ain't right. 

Earrings:  Urban Outfitters.  Ring:  Macy's.

Also of mild, hippie-ishness is the fact that I'm not wearing any make-up in these photos... and these I took right as I was saying to myself-- do I have the energy to even take these clothes off before I crash out on the couch??

Is eating dandelion fluff bad for you???

Well, I never did get that nap but I did enjoy a brisk walk, some Pilates, and an episode of America's Biggest Loser.  It's like a chick flick to me; I cry every episode!  I seriously hope Sunshine wins, but don't tell me because I'm actually a couple of weeks behind.  It takes a lot of emotional steeling of myself to bear the rollercoaster of Biggest Loser, that, and I can only watch it if I'm alone.  I know.

What do you guys do for Earth Day, if anything?  Was there a big deal made of it in your town?  What's your TV guilty pleasure??




Phuong said...

nice look and pics

Elissa said...

Thanks so much!

alya said...

I was married to a geological/environmental consultant for three years...EVERY day was Earth Day. Guy was nuts but all the stuff we practiced at home has stuck with me if nothing else.

My TV guilty pleasure? Wife Swap. I love when one of the husbands turns out to be overly sensitive and starts crying on camera. Harsh, I know...but I love screaming the phrase, "Man up!" and the show affords me sooo many opportunities to do so...

Eyeliah said...

okay that last photo is beyond hilarious! I am equally confused by and loving it! Yesterday I wore a similar floaty top (haven’t posted yet) and it makes me feel the same way, but since you don’t look 'dumpy' maybe neither do I ;-)

Elissa said...

ALya: Oh wow! Didn't know! You still have to PAY around here to recycle!! A big shame. Oh I love Wife Swap too! So addicting, if they ever have a marathon they've got me for the evening...

Eyeliah: Sisters in hippie hotness!!! This I gotta see!

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