Friday, April 2, 2010


Blazer:  Banana Republic.  Skirt:  NY&Co.  Shoes:  JC Penney.  Shirt:  Vintage.  Shades:  Vintage.  Attitude:  Due to hair cut, and shades.

I certainly am enjoying my Friday... I met with the owner of a local stylist and wardrobe consultant in my efforts to explore what lies out there for me in the realm of gainful fashion-y employment without moving from my 'burg.  It was a fun and energizing chat-- she even invited me along to help her shop for a client in a couple of weeks!  A very cool invitation that I most definitely took her up on.

Later, I had an interview with a guy who said he loved my accessories.... thoughtful accessorizing never hurts one's chances, in fact I think it helped mine so I'm very optimistic...

Stella's tail... Shoes:  JC Penney. Shades:  Flower Child.  Earrings:  Made by a Friend. fact these accessories are a few of my faves.  The sunglasses I refer to as my "Warhol Shades".  Each lens is recessed so they're like wearing a couple of petrie dishes.  Moody, black petrie dishes.  I got them from a local vintage boutique with the 1960's-era tags still on them.  The shoes I got on clearance at JC Penney for $6, if you'd believe it.  Seriously.  Penney's gets cooler every season and their sales are just embarrassing.  And finally, the earrings were made for me by my dear friend Gina the Jazz Singer, my former NYC roommate, for my wedding.  The blue is so intense, it's incredible. 

Afterwards, we stopped by The Premiere Deli in the neighborhood and feasted on free samples of esoteric breads and cheeses, meatly concoctions and pickles.  Oh lord, the pickles... 

After which, my travels swung me over near the gigantic, historic cemetery I live near.  They've got a pretty amazing tour that I've been on once before, and as we left that day, our guide implored us to take photos there because there "aren't enough" and they keep recycling the same old ones to use for their booster calendar.  Booster calendar.  Yes, I know.  Well, I for one am dying to get in it (ha... ha... ughhh) but as someone who likes to combine as many tasks into one swoop as possible, I've often wondered if it were possible to make an outfit photo, a booster calendar-worthy photo.  And then I wonder if I'll be haunted for being so flip and vain.  Well if they won't take the photo above, then I'll submit the one below, as well:

But something tells me this one isn't going into the calendar, either...



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