Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 1955!, originally uploaded by RickRaven.

Everyone seems to be echoing the same sentiment-- 2010 will be an auspicious year...

Funny, because I felt giddy at the beginning of 2009, and a bit deflated at the dawn of this new decade. The prospect of creating self-flagellating "won't do's" known as resolutions doesn't wag my tail either, so I'm devoting this profoundly sleepy work-day to compiling a list of things I'd actually like to be doing in 2010.

1. Go skiing. I love it. I never do it.

2. Go ice-skating. Ditto.

3. I'm going to follow CassiaB's lead-- (her blog is fantastic, by the way) and work on photographic project similar to her 365 Days in Colour one she did for this past year.

4. I'd like to create at least one garment per month. I newly received a dress form, now's the time to put it to work.

5. Get an outfit like Miss 1955's up there to ring in 2011.

What about you? What would you like to accomplish during this next year?



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Anonymous said...

MYYYYYYY goal is to go ice skating with you!!!