Monday, January 18, 2010


Today was a very low-key birthday... me and my Sweets first went to a dog adoption event. We've really been jonesing for a dog for the past year or so, but finding a good match may take much longer than we anticipated. I want small(ish), he wants big; I like scruffy, he likes smooth. I want chill, he wants playful--- somewhere there's a medium-sized dog with a short, wiry coat and adaptable nature just waiting for us. To be continued...

I look so creeper don't I? Anyway, I've got on a Sweater: TJ Maxx, Blouse: thrifted. Jeans: NY&Co. Shoes: MIA. Broach: thrifted. I'm starting to really like wearing broaches as an alternative to earrings or necklaces. They're out of the way, and not so much a pain in the gadinga as --ahem-- cheap earrings that my ears are finally rejecting after many years of abuse.

Later, we caught "Sherlock Holmes"-- ruled! I happen to love well-choreographed fight scenes in movies, and if you do, too-- or just enjoy watching Robert Downey, Jr. as I do, then you'll love this flick. Extra bonus? The art during the ending credits. Later, it was a sushi fiesta, and let's just say that I'm still recovering. Gawd.

A friend of mine is auditioning to be an apartment scout for Apartment Therapy... I was honored that she sent in snaps of our house as her submission. My office, as you can see, is still in disarray, to say the least, but she definitely has an eye for staging her photographs well. When they pop up on the site I'll give you all a look-see!