Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Find of the moment.

If you've been reading for awhile, you know that I have periodic flare-ups of Doc Martens lust. Then I buy a pair and am crushed upon rediscovering that heavy, mannish boots do nothing to make me look like Bridget Fonda in Singles. In fact, they are so unflattering as to make me look like I have an agenda.

Doc Martens Darcie

These, on the other hand, do-able, and surprisingly, most doable in the cherry-red color-- which in a pair of Docs brings skinheads vividly to mind, but in a heel, the freewheeling 70's. I'd like to pair them with cabled tights and a dress, or boyfriend jeans and a midriff top and truly get my Ciara on.




Sunshine said...

dude get them. i'm telling you, you will not be disappointed. they will be collector's items one day, and until then they are cute and comfy and go w everything(though i don't lace mine all the way up and i used a shoe softening spray and a hammer to work them in a bit. spray is $2 at target in the shoes aisle.)
get them now!!

Sal said...

I second that. I kinda want a pair for myself, too!

Anonymous said...

brings ronald mcdonald to mind...