Saturday, January 9, 2010


In my formative years, I was a violinist in the orchestra. For concerts, we would wear white oxford shirts with black slacks or skirts. I always chose the skirts. For some reason (probably my faulty laundering or explosive growth rate) my skirts were always super short. My sense of propriety remained unperturbed, however, until I became known as Short Skirt Girl. I worried a bit about being "Short Skirt Girl" today, but I figured a sizeable chapeau would excuse my skirtly transgressions.

Hat: H&M. Sweater: Victoria's Secret. Skirt: Thrifted. Thermal: Target. Tights: Gift from my moms. Scarf: Anthropologie. Shoes: Wanted.

I love writing and taking photos, cool-hunting on the Internets, having rapport with all of you good bloggy people and of course, catching up with my old friends, fashion and design. But sometimes I lose sight of what exactly I'm doing on here, and then I need to reassess.

Therefore, I'm switching my focus a bit away from personal style, because I don't really think that's the most interesting thing about me. In fact, it's getting to be less and less interesting, because a) I have no money and b) I have seriously recommitted myself to getting into shape. I've been saying it for like a year, but you have to get your mind right first, and it wasn't. Now it is. But still, although I will continue to enjoy taking and sharing some photos for ya'll of yours truly, I gotta move away from the every day self-photo taking activities, because I can't handle the self-scrutinizing.

I mean, seriously, when you get to trying to figure out how to Photoshop your legs longer, it's time to stop taking photos of yourself. It's not my job, and no one requires it of me, and it may possibly be one of the least interesting things I could offer to all of you. And I mean that to myself as a compliment.

The first one to tell me what I've Photoshopped in the above photos gets a free mystery prize! Please leave an email address with your comment. Good luck!!




Zachary said...

Very nice outfits! I guess that you photoshopped your red skirt to be shorter. :)

Elissa said...

Thank you! And good guess--- but not the right one!!

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