Monday, December 21, 2009

Not a test.

Hey everybody, just needed to pop in and let you all know that I've been working 10-12 hour days every day these last few weeks, and so finding zero time to get anything done, much less blogging or being able to fly around on the Internet seeking new and exciting things.

And so-- I might not get any good, bloggy respite until well after the holidays, but that means-!! Dunh dunh dunh... missing my blog's 2 year anniversary at the end of this month. 2 years ago, I got a Mac from my Sweets, and decided that its superior computing abilities leant itself well to creating a little digital soapbox for myself.

I love reading your comments and visiting your blogs, but it's going to have to be on the back burner, at least for a little while. Take care, everyone, and enjoy the holidays!

PS-- It's the Solstice today, so it's only going to get lighter from here.