Monday, January 4, 2010

Your Daily White

And speaking of white...
cue Billy Idol... I have a confession to make. While I was planning my wedding this past year, I had visions of ultra-impressive photos-to-prove-it gracing my blog. I (and several of my near and dears) put a lot of heart and soul into planning the thing, and I convinced myself that this was my one opportunity to prove that I was the goddess of putting together attractive, formal events. Well. Ladies, I offer you my one Over-Arching Piece of Advice. As long as you are going to the trouble, spend good money on a photographer whose style you absolutely love.

After all of the arrangements, and because we were inviting so many people, we didn't have much left over for a photographer. We scoured local art schools to find one that would fit the bill-- literally-- and found a couple of students that we really liked. A friend of a friend heard of our search and said he would do it. And I'd seen his photos-- they were really dramatic, fashion-editorial type photos, so I jumped at the opportunity. Yes, we'd love to have you!

As I later found out, a wedding is not a fashion photo shoot and my family and I are not models. Many, many of the photos that I got back were unflattering to all involved, and missed important details that I'd put a lot of time into-- the tables, the programs, the flowers. I expected to gaze on my photos like the ones I'd gazed upon in magazines, but lo-- too many chins here, too sweaty there. Gawd. I was crushed! And it isn't the photog's fault-- a wedding involves too many conflicting factors for the inexperienced, coupled with the fact that despite what you see here on this blog, I don't love posing for photos; I freeze up and get weird. The factors, oh!-- the factors!

Now that I've had two months to cool down about it (and the same amount of time to track down photos that friends and family took), I'm now able to look at my amassed collection as a whole. When I look at them-- some, yes-- sweaty, awkward, blurry, underexposed; regardess, I see my closest friends, family, my husband and myself having a wonderful, colorful time.

I'll be telling my story for you (in both words and pictures) in the next couple of days. I'm excited now to share with you the fun that we had, and not just plastically try to impress you with my hawt dress and ohmigod the centerpieces.

Damn, kids! Humble pie. It tastes good.




Sal said...

Oh doll, I know SO many people who've made that mistake. As someone who has shot dozens of weddings, I know only too well how tough it can be. Glad you were able to extract some shots you love, and can't wait to see 'em!

Eyeliah said...

Oh fun, look forward to seeing some pics.

Missa said...

Aw, what a bummer to be dissapointed about the photographs. I'm still looking forward to hearing about your big day though :)

The Waves said...

The most important thing is that you have something to remind you of your wonderful day, and that the photos you have are about real life and real people. I often end up loving the imperfect expressions, the most random shots that at first glance appear all wrong. Am looking forward to seeing what your special day was like!

Elissa said...

Thanks all for your comments! As soon as I'm done photo-harvesting from my friend's Facebook pages, the wedding post will commence!

The Waves: Yes, that is exactly what I am beginning to appreciate about the photos that I do have!