Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mastering the Art of Merchandising.

That an Ebay or Etsy seller posts photos that accurately portray their wares is "hallelujah" enough. But when those photos are that -- and, a foray into some seriously good photographic still-life, its quite a rare achievement. When I first came across JunkCulture's photostream, I thought they were just a nice bit of bright, shiny panachey pastiche-- but to learn that they are also product photos only doubled the appeal for me.

Check out JunkCulture's Etsy shop here--- many of these items are still for sale, and reasonably so.

Speaking of shopping, it's about that time of the year-- tomorrow I start at my new position, right next door to a Saks, so I think I'll see my fair share of it!




Junkculture said...

Love your blog!
Thank you so much for the amazing feature!

Elissa said...

Thank you and of course!!! Love your photos. Thanks for stopping by!