Saturday, November 14, 2009

Honeymoon Installment #1

We spent a big chunk of our day with American Airlines. SkyMiles proved to be an extraordinarily absorbing read. Yes, I want an electronic scalp stimulator and catbox that masquerades as an elegant house plant!

After we landed, the rental car company presented us with a vehicle upgrade, perfect because we had a whole bunch of camping gear to lug around. I'm happy to report that, even as a minivan-hater, the 2010 Chrysler Town and Country is a certifiably bomb ride, bomb enough to pose with.

Aw, yeah....

The first night and day we spent in San Jose. Neither my Sweets nor I are travel planners, we kind of play it by ear and lean on Yelp a lot. We were lead to Bill's Cafe, where the 5-star rating was well-deserved.

The chicken apple sausage and Chorizo omelet was frickin' insane, but this fried-banana topped Bread Pudding French Toast? Let's just say I owe it some flowers.

Speaking of owing, I owe a certain tree two lemons...

Later, I made lemonade with the sugar packets, stirrers and styrofoam cups in the hotel room. Ohmmmmm......

To be continued!