Sunday, November 29, 2009

Battle of the Long Sweaters

Sometimes, even to those of us who are vehemently non-duplicatory, we find an outfit that feels so right that it bears repeating. These occasions happen most frequently when we stay out late the night before and then get up really early the next morning. In my case, I truly get a crusty feeling if I wear the exact same thing as the day before-- as if I haven't let the previous day slip into the past-- and so, I switch it up ever so incrementally. Behold-- Fancy Dinner Outfit vs. Work Outfit.

Dress: Twelve By Twelve. Tights: Target. Tree that is the epitomization of all of my Christmas Fantasies: Target.

Same dress, same tights, same pose. Oh, you original thing! Fancy Dinner Outfit features one of my favorite Portland souvenirs, this ultra-warm and soft sweater coat with a ruffled edge from 3 Monkeys. Work Outfit features a wrap cardigan from Victoria's Secret that truly is the bomb. Soft, relatively machine-washable and oh so many iterations, this one got a work out last winter and will probably meet it's death by the end of this winter. Today, it's belted. Belt? Where are you from? I think this black, patent number may have come with a shirt I bought.

Necklace (left): H&M. Necklace (right): Gumball Machine.

Fancy Dinner outfit includes big, chunky wooden beads interspersed with little rhinestone charms. A souvenir from San Francisco's H&M, which, in the hour I had between Alcatraz and poisonous (although delicious) oysters, I descended on in a panic when my suitcase yielded entirely unsuitable jewelry. Work Outfit called for the more demure, golden ice-cream cone. Twenty-five cents very well spent, and I think it has a bit more mileage than both the fetid jawbreaker and deformed, gelatinous hand that were also available.

Fancy Dinner Shoes: Pink Duchess. Work Outfit Shoes: Etienne Aigner.

Well, Cat certainly has picked a winner here... she's a shoe-hoverer, for sure. These gray-and-black ballet flats are in very regular rotation, and, like many of my shoes are possibly a half-size too big. I chalk this up to the fact that I normally shop mid-day, when feet are known to swell. It's a cousin of the "wear your big pants to Thanksgiving" rationale.

Til next time,