Thursday, November 19, 2009

Honeymoon Installment #6

After the bad-oyster episode in San Fran, we spent the night in Klamath, California, which is right in the middle of a redwood forest. The hostel we stayed at came highly recommended and was clean and warm, BUT. It was at this hostel that I was introduced to a new kind of personality; the reason why conservatives hate liberals. Hostile, self-righteously more granola-y than though types. We left very early the next morning and headed up to Portland to rendezvous with my cousin.

It was a windy day and the seafoam was blown by great gusts high up the mountain into the forests where it clung to trees and plants like great globs of snow.

Portland was absolutely amazing. Great shopping (I used Lucky's online guide), great food (we had Peruvian the first night and had some Voodoo Donuts the next day), and chill vibe. Let it be known that Oregon is hands-down the most magically beautiful state I've been to so far.

My cousin took us on a hike up a mountain along the Oregon coast, and I couldn't help but think of Milla the entire time, the place was so mystically northern.

The forest was filled with these little guys, fully 3-5 inches long.

Tree-bark that faced the ocean had become worn and gnarly. This one, in the shape of a heart. Cute, no?

A heavy fog surrounded us as we reached the top-- it was one of the hardest hikes I'd ever done; 2 miles uphill and steep, too.

It was worth it though... this is the view near the top. On our way back to Portland, we stopped at the Tillamook cheese factory and went crazy on cheeses of all kinds, and even dipped into some white licorice ice cream. I could easily, easily live here.

I just came back from my biz trip to Seattle today; Seattle was actually the last leg of our honeymoon as well, but we were sick as dogs (again). So, I graced this fair city twice in a week. This time around was a bit better-- I got to fit a little shopping in, so I'll be debuting my LEOPARD PUFFER COAT, yes, I know, paging the love child of Peg Bundy and Missy Elliott-- as soon as I catch some sleep.

Good lord, I hope not to see the inside of a plane again for at least a little while...!




Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

It looks beautiful there, but bad oysters and planes...? Sometime it is good for a break even from a vacation! ;)

Anonymous said...

No kidding!!! I think I learned that one week is pretty much the cut off for me!