Monday, November 30, 2009

Fox me, Fox you!

There was a moment in between seeing this Wardrobe Remix image of tinytoadstool from dadaya....

The whole thing is wholesome and delicious, but are you seeing that scarf??

...and seeing this Rose Print by Marisol Spoon...

Red cape hearkening back to Little Red Riding hood, check; Painting of Blythe-like girl hearkening back to those weird little Seventies paintings of girls you see in cheesy vintage stores, check; fennec fox as hat??? Checkmate!!

...a desire to adorn myself in all things foxy has burgeoned.

I admire cause clothing. My favorite tee was one by Kenneth Cole that came out a few years ago that said, "In war, it's not who's right but who's left." I really wanted to buy it, but the truth of the matter is I hate having words on my clothing. They're out of my control. People don't have to interact with me in order to "communicate" with me (or rather, for me to force a one-way, reciprocation-undesired-and-unwelcome message) and it's just not my cuppa. I'm sure that my sticklerism for wordless tees have robbed some of my favorite causes of well over $6 in the past few years.

This tee, however, is many things, not least of which a message. To the casual observer, it just looks cool, to a less-casual observer, a vintage throw-back, to an arty observer it's a bit of trompe l'oeil and to the conscientious observer, the shirt demonstrates that you don't have to kill a fox to borrow it's foxy good looks, and that a hipster with a little cash can manage to look as good, if not better (by way of earning humanity points) than the biddy with her actual fox carcass accessory. All that for $14. I call a winner.

Though tiny, still covetable. I definitely don't go for the crafty aesthetic, but this is neat and well-made enough to earn a little nesting place on my cardigan for sure.

Gorgeous! Not sure how you'd wear it-- as in, if it has a closure, but if it truly is a "stole" necklace then maybe not. I love how tiny and detailed the cutouts are. So clever... clever like a fox!

This being the scarf showcased in the first photo, I can't get enough of it. It comes in a zillion colors and lengths (I'm stymied until I decide between short and long) and even a tiny child-sized version. In my parlance, "Adorbs!!"

Well, time to get ready and get outta here... stay foxy, ya'lls!