Saturday, March 7, 2009

She's So Unusual

We're reaching the end of a fashion cycle. Everybody's wearing whatever's cool right now. I find myself starting to wonder if I can be okay with it if I wear another vintage dress or bright color. Neons, no thanks, wayfarers-- bye, high-waisted skirts, still promising, but at present, they're eliciting a bit of ennui from yours truly. What's a moody girl to do?

Below, a few people who are turning my fashion frown upside down.

Do check out her photostream. She is like a technicolor doll, with a healthy dose of true originality and class.

verhext from Wardrobe Remix

Cape? Sweater? Dress? I love people who are daring enough to risk fashion ambiguity. She has taken her vestement and pushed it to the extreme, but at the same time taking dress back to its roots: a covering for the body; for physical protection and in the context of this photo and possibly real life, emotional protection as well.

leila-anne from Wardrobe Remix

My favorite looks take what would typically be a traditional silhouette and inject it with new colors, patterns and textures. I love the marming up of lace tights with the white shoes and hat.

Not a "she" as my post title attests, but I do love to see a sartorially wacky, yet self-possessed teenager (who bears a strong resemblance to a young Willy Wonka). Not one but two blazers, the first of which bears playfully pushed up sleeves, and the second of which belies its somber color with buttons all askance. The floral scarf is a stroke of genius and that hair! Gloriously kinetic.



Eyeliah @ said...

I love leila-annes style, when she shaved her head it was amazing.

Anonymous said...

i'm in total agreement with you. following fashion can sometimes be just as un-inspiring as it can be inspiring, no?