Saturday, March 14, 2009

Singin' in the Rain.

So yesterday,
I was enjoying the afternoon after my VERY LAST CLASS EVER, by having a spirited chat with a friend...

Dress: thrifted. Scarf: thrifted. Tights: Target. Shoes: Luichiny.
"I freakin' know, right? Like, who does that?"

When a heard a THUD.

"Like, hold on a hot second, okay? I think there's ghosts or murderers-- or murdering ghosts in my frickin' house!"

But lo, it was merely the thud of a package from Solestruck being deposited at my door!

"Cheez-chrys you guys!"

"What in the who? Who in the what?"

"Aw, frickin awwessommme!" It was a pair of Festival Talls by Hunter Boots (endorsed by the Queen herself. Really!) And just in time for spring. I'll wear these to all the festivals! I'll wear them right now!

Sturdily crafted, cheerily bright with a blue-and-white-striped interior and comfy as all get-out!

"Hooray! They match my umbrella!" Ohh--- clouds--- hurry up and rain!

Thanks a bajillion to Danielle from Solestruck! Check out a couple of my other favorite styles from their site:

Irregular Choice "Olivia".
So cute with a pair of black, zip-up-the-side ankle pants and a Vespa!

Sam Edelman "Fontaine".
Ladylike, in a leg-lengthening hue, but a tad funky as well! Gorgeous!

Hunter Boots "Festival Lace".
I love the straight-forward utility of the olive hue, but they also come in cherry red. Makes sloppy weather sexy with a denim mini and some cozy over-the-knee-socks.



Sunshine said...

1. cutest pics of you!!
2. yellow is the best color to have these in i think
3. man i want those lace up wellies

Merily said...

aaah, i love them!

emily said...

i love how the pictures match the story, reminds me of a kid's storybook... and i love solestruck!! :)

Missa said...

Who needs sunshine when you've got those boots?!

Eyeliah @ said...

You are so adorable cheesy! :-)

TheMinx said...

those are just the prettiest shade of yellow, and the pictures are adorable.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Yay for yellow. And yellow gumboots at that :) Lovely blog too by the way!!

Hanna said...

Ooooh those boots are fab!

And I loved this post. Would you like to exchange links?

Spandexpony said...

Sunshine: Thanks! Actually, I can definitely see these on you!

Merily: thank you!

Emily: Thank you for your sweet comment! Success! ;)

Missa: Thanks for stopping by!

Eyeliah: Well, I am a representative for Kraft. Ha. Ha. What is the sound of no hands clapping?

The Minx: Thank you!

Hanna: Thanks, and yes, great idea!

Danielle said...

that jump photo rules!