Monday, March 30, 2009

Pet Fashion Show!

After the harried-ness that was this weekend, I'm enjoying a nice day off...

The Fashion Show was a lot of hard work but ultimately, super-satisfying. The audience loved it, and I got to see my concept borne into fruition, from the music (Call and Response and Pizzicato Five) to the choreography, to the synchronization of all those dogs, their handlers, the numbers to be held, and our models walking the dogs.

Unfortunately, I don't have any good photos to go with this post because the Expo didn't want me to infringe upon the official Show Photographer's ability to sell photos (and for good reason; any profit goes to the rescue groups). But, I do have a picture of myself, backstage:

Dress: Target. Tights: Target. Shoes: Nine West.

I created a bridal collar for the show, with lots of lace, silk roses and tiny orchids sewn on but I didn't get to take any pictures before it was won in the silent auction! Drat! My item was #19 in the fashion show, as I am attempting to demonstrate here.

And here, we have Gidget, my favorite dog-model in the show. She's a long-haired chihuahua with a permanently sticking-out tongue, and about the sweetest chihuahua I've ever known... although the only other chihuahua I've known was the meanest thing-- it once bit me in the face, and I had to get stitches! Needless to say, Gidget helped turn around my opinion towards chihuahuas.

After this whole pet affair, I find myself a bit dog-hungry... my dad brought over his pug and boston terrier last night to play at our place, and my sweets and I agreed that it's not quite home without a little something furry running around.


Sal said...

Gidget! SO CUTE! And if there's any way to get your hands on some images, DO IT! I'm dying to see more.

Glad it went so well, doll!

Eyeliah @ said...

She is one cute model!

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Trish said...

Such a pretty little thing!