Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cloggin' up my wish lists, yo.

My latest, greatest crave? Clogs.

This slick, cherry pair balances its modern appeal with good old fashioned studs.

Clogs always remind me of Spring. In 5th grade, I had a glorious brown leather, closed-toe version as my "spring pair of shoes". I spent several weeks just smelling the new wood and leather before I would wear them. Their first outing was at a lip-synching contest, where I did interpretive dance movements to Ace of Base's "The Sign".

Dr. Scholl's. Obsessed. I had a white pair in high school that I beaded. Totally rad, and definitely worth a redux.

Not only were the clogs glorious, but they were very apropos-- Swedish band, Swedish shoes? Did no one notice my careful coordination? The answer was "Nej": I was disappointed to see my hands-only dance mocked by the high-schoolers, but I won second prize: $75. There were only 2 contestants in my category, but nevermind: I got a brand new, white-and-pink cassette player at Radio Shack the next day. Heaven!

We Who See.

These might be the grown-up version of those clogs of yore. I envision these with a mid-thigh length trench coat and an abbreviated, floral romper.

Or, on a less fierce occasion, say, delicately fixing a toilet to the strains of my new favorite Swedish singer, I could rock these all day. Perfect color, perfect heel height.... I can almost smell them from here.



Sal said...

I love me some Dr. Scholl's action ... and those cherry reds are HOT!

Eyeliah @ said...

So cheesy again - lol :-)
I was sooo a clog girl in high school, loved the clip clop sound.

aheadtrade said...

Nice! and Aheadtrad is Great toooo~