Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Something is better than nothing.

In a year in which success is measured by how much liquid hand soap you've saved by diluting it with water, and making 2 meals out of a #4 at Wendy's; dressing well, if you can manage, seems to make all the difference.  For instance, upon learning today that most of my assets are tied up in a gift card to Anthropologie, I was met with a minor frantic moment of despair.

Two is better than one.  Blouse:  thrifted.  Skirt:  NY&Co.  Tights:  Gift.  Shoes:  MIA.  Coat:  Dollhouse.  Scarf:  Anthropologie.  Jewelry:  thrifted.

Suddenly, I was distracted by something pink-- as you may or most likely may not recall, my artistic venture of the year is a taking a picture every day; each month is assigned a color theme.  February's is pink.


I pulled over to get a picture of the patio furniture my favorite restaurant put out-- unused, still, and will be for awhile-- but our recent rainy days have washed out most of the snow and people are starting to feel optimistic.  As I snapped away, I thought to myself; I've got my little crocheted tights on and my pink shoes and my swingy red coat, and still taking the time out to do something non-essential that I enjoy.  I felt Grey Gardens poor, not 8-Mile poor.  And besides.  I see that I have some assets that need liquidating, in the form of this, this, or this.

Mmmm.... ruffles, toile, and pastels, oh my!,


Anonymous said...

E! Guess who has a copy of Grey Gardens in her grubby little paws??? I'll watch it with you and your twin whenever you'd like.

Elissa said...

Well then let's get it ONNNN!!!! We can wear turbans and skirts as capes!!

alya said...

So many people referencing Grey Gardens and I have yet to see it...I do remember reading a very extensive interview with Drew Barrymore about it, however. Probably should get on that.

Funny thing is, I had your blog listed on my site for the longest time, but then you said you wouldn't be doing it anymore so I took it down, figuring no reason to send people to a dead end. But I will certainly put it back up now that you're posting again! :)

Sal said...

If things get really dire, you could sell the gift card on eBay. But I'm hoping you go for the bird blouse instead!