Thursday, February 18, 2010

After much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair...


Do not adjust your RSS feeds...  I'm slinking back into the blogging mode.  After taking a sabbatical that resulted in me taking more photos and getting intensely into Twitter, I feel like I'm ready to hop back on.  Coming back to this, my original blog, was not really my intention... in fact, I started Tumblr and Wordpress blogs in the meantime, because I was starting to get that crusty feeling from Blogger.

If this, my first post back, can help you with anything, it's this:  If you're thinking of starting a blog or switching platforms, here's a short, non-expert's guide on Blogger, Tumblr and Wordpress:


1) Best for journal-style blogs.
2) Incredibly easy to use, publish, upload photos, monetize, and add widgets.
3) Extremely limited number of themes. 
4) Not so much of a blogger community. 


1) Extremely fun, community-based blogging.  The dashboard rules.  A jillion, great themes.
2) Best for "scrapbook" style blogs, sort of a more image-oriented Twitter.
3) I love the "share on Tumblr" button you can get for your tool bar, blog pretty much anything instantly. 
4) A good dose of code-knowledge is necessary in order to do things that are pretty basic on Blogger, like create a blog roll.  Also, uploading pictures from your drive was a pain in the ass. 
5) Difficult to monetize.


1) Considered the best option if you eventually are aiming for your blog to become superbigtime.  
2) Fairly straight-forward posting, great community
3) Adding widgets a bit trickier than Blogger.
4) I felt like the Dashboard was dull and didn't get me interested in writing.

In fact, I weighed whether to come back as "Spandexpony".  It didn't feel like "me" any more, and what's more, it doesn't "mean" anything.  Also, I had quit.  

That all changed today when, I was watching a live feed of the Isaac Mizrahi show thanks to Mary Rambin of More Than Mary... I was tweeting little things about it all throughout, when, at the end, she thanked her Twitter friends on camera for their support and I was in there!  Yes, I'm an extremely huge dweeb, but hearing "Spandexpony" mentioned in a room where I know Russell Simmons and Isaac Mizrahi both are was kind of a thrill. 

So, I decided, what I've got is good, and I'm going back.  With an improved attitude.  I can't be what I was, but I am what I am.  If you liked me before, you'll probably like me now, unless you're pretty stalwart.

I look forward to again being able to express myself in the best way I know how-- writing, and also the second-best way I know how-- visually.  Also, I can't wait to get back in touch with you all, and meet quite a few more of you along the way. 




LyddieGal said...

Glad you decided to come back!

And your not a dweeb, I think it unbelievably astonishing when singled out from a sea of millions of tweets and blogs and posts and comments!

Anonymous said...

This return is most sexcellent, E. I've changed blogs every year since I started (which I do with apartments and work spaces too) gets a wee bit exhausting. I love your blog...glad to see you are sticking with it! The evolution of Spandex Pony is just as interesting as your original intent and readers like to grow with you.

Elissa said...

LyddieGal: Thanks! Glad you're reading!!

Leesilbeeblog: Woohoo! And wow-- that's a lot of packing up and moving! Thanks for the kind words.