Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pink eye. The good kind.

I've been sneezing and sleeping and throat-hurting all day-- but on the other hand, I've had a nice long day filled with bad TV, tea, and plenty of image fodder for my budding albinism obsession:

Few know that bats are one of my favorite animals. One of my Life Plans is to research the most bat-populous places in the country (or the world, sheeit, think big!), go there, and then write a magazine article about it. This lil' chocolate-mouthed guy is a "microbat".

Albino deer are not too rare, but would be a seriously spiritual view in real life, no? Sadly, it seems that "bagging" an albino deer has some degree of cache in the hunting world. I left a few... "dissenting" comments on gloating blogs.

Another one of my Life Plans is to have a living room with aubergine walls; clear, lucite furniture and a pet albino lion.

Although (or maybe because) squirrels simultaneously have the power to make me go giddy or completely terrify me, I consider them my totem animal. I love nuts and am somewhat darty-- it seemed a good fit.

ALSO--- there is another contest brewing!!! Stay tuned!

[image via arbroath.blogspot.com, animals.desktopnexus.com, wyomingoutdoorsradio.com, dalesdesigns.net]


Munted kowhai said...

ooo bats! my room mate from college did a semester in australia in a really remote place where she studied bats. She' is an avid bat lover and she said it was the best!

Plus I love your idea of aubergine coloured walls and lucite furniture with a white lion pet. That already sounds like a fashion magazine spread!

Amber said...

I totally missed it, who won the red shoe contest?

Sal said...

Lucite furniture will definitely cut down on the white lion-hair cleanup ...

Anonymous said...

that albino lion is awesome :) my brother has an albino snake, it's pretty cool =]

Caroline said...

Um...an albino lion as a pet would be simultaneously amazing and horrifying. Now an albino deer, that's a pet I could get behind.

Also, since you mentioned contests, I must tell you that I wasn't able to make it through even the first hour of Tin Man, but my rather gung ho husband (in a very odd twist of fate) stayed up into the wee hours watching all five hours and then proceeded to tell me the next day that he'd be up for it again if I wanted to give it another go. While I'm hoping you don't base your opinion of him on this sequence of events, I felt it important to let you know that your prize was not wasted.

p.s. If there were a prize for longest comment ever, we'd have a winner.

Spandexpony said...

Thanks all for your comments!

Amber: the lovely and talented Caroline, who has left a comment below yours.

Caroline: He he! Wow, I must say you have an extraordinary husband! LOL I believe he deserves an albino deer. ;)