Friday, December 11, 2009

Playing dress-up.

So, a decline in my personal health led to my week-long blogging respite, but now I'm back. I felt a bit like this flaccid woman, below.

Apparently, you can't just stop taking your thyroid supplements because you have decided that you're cured.

This picture comes as part of a perverse little series by fashion-photographer Giorgio Z Gatti. I found it on a site called "You Might Like This" and frankly I'd be scared to know anyone who "might like" this editorial consisting of a child dressing a woman, in one scene pulling up her underwear. Like, GROSS!

Seriously, I hate it when people twist kids' heads around like this just to make some kind of artistic impression. You can't tell me that the climate of this shoot was totally sanitary and they all had snacks and listened to Raffi.

Reminds me of this scene in Bruno where he interviews kids' parents to see what they're willing to do with their children to get them into movies.


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Missa said...

Yeah, that's creepy.

Though my little one often tries to help me put my shoes on. She holds them up to my feet and says "step in, mama" in a sweet little voice, it's actually pretty cute :)

The Waves said...

Children being used as props in fashion editorials is definitely creepy, I remember a recent one in W magazine, where Juergen Teller was the photographer - the whole feel was Blair Witch meets kids - not all that nice...

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