Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guilty Pleasures!

I've never been into Harry Potter, but I always rather liked the looks of Emma Watson. I admire that she's never one to cloy, be badass or play sexy (in fact, the one time she did it was off-key). I've been waiting for a magazine to do something wonderful with her, and Teen Vogue finally came through in a sort of Vivienne Westwood Enjoys Some Earl Grey With a Huge Rabbit kind of way.

I'm really loving the heavy, tapestry-style skirts and rich, Dionysian tones. Yep, I said Dionysian. Now they can never say I wasn't high-brow.

Ain't nothin' like a sharp jacket with mountains of tulle.

Must. Aquire. Velvet. Blazer. This girl is charming the dickens out of me. Or should I say Fitzgerald?

I love how the feminine, exaggerated details of the outfit make the leopard tights seem playful, not tarty.

Ah, yes, every girl's fantasy. You ever think that Teen Vogue is not so much a magazine for teens, but a magazine for people that understand (implicitly or no) that young starlets make great Barbie dolls?

Love the natural look, punctuated with a dark lip and brow.


I've got a fantastic contest coming up; the best I've ever had, I might add. Keep your ears pricked (well, eyes peeled, neither sounds too pleasant though)-- I will announce it very soon!

Til then, check out this video (love!) of this song (adore!) that now enjoys a home on my iPod (there's a clue about this contest in that last sentence!).




Charlie said...

I just love the silhouettes! look at those skirts! I have to say, I'm a closet harry potter fan - love the books and the movies, although I find her a bit annoying in the movies but she looks stunning in these shots.

Sal said...

Man, those are some superbly styled photos. And Emma chafes me as a person, but I do think she's a knockout.

And, hi, LOVE that song. Loooove.

Amber said...

Oh my gosh all those pictures are to die for. Are those only online or is there a new Teen Vogue out that I missed.

emily said...

all the photoshoots i've ever seen with emma watson turn out amazing...

Eyeliah SS said...

Such a great editorial, love the leopard leggings look the most - excited to enter your contest.. .there is one on my site right now too if you wanna enter. :-)

allison said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS! Simply divine!

Spandexpony said...

It seems Emma is quite the unpopular personality! I personally don't know much about her beyond what she looks like!

Amber: I haven't seen this issue at the stores yet, but I found these images online.

Eyeliah: Yes! I will check out your contest, and post all the deets on mine as soon as soon can be!

Bridgette said...

this spread is sweet! i stopped looking at teen vogue, but i think i'll start picking it up again for features like this. thanks for sharing!